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    The thriller will tell the true story of a black detective who infiltrated the KKK.

    Jordan Peele and Spike Lee are teaming up to make a film with a title that’s sure to get people interested: “Black Klansman.”

    The thriller will be based on the true story of Ron Stallworth, a black Colorado detective who infiltrated the KKK in 1978. Stallworth reportedly interacted with KKK members via phone or written correspondence, using a white police officer to pose as him during events that he had to be physically present for.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lee will direct the film while Peele and Blumhouse Productions will produce. Denzel Washington’s son John David Washington will star as Stallworth in the film.

    Both Lee and Peele have several projects in addition to “Black Klansman” in the works. Peele has written and will direct another social thriller in the vein of “Get Out,” due for release next year. Lee has a Netflix adaptation of his 1986 movie “She’s Got To Have It” coming out in November.

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  • 09/07/17--13:18: My name is My name
  • Fellas

    If you are married ...or if you plan to get married one day

    How do you feel about changing your name to your S/O ?

    Would you be willing to hyphenate it like Beyoncé and Jay-Z did ?

    What if your wife wanted to keep her last name and not use yours at all ?

    Side note :Women weren't even allowed to keep their last name until 1972

    Why is it so important to you ?

    Does it matter if your kids have your last name ?

    Ladies feel free to chime in too ❤️

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    There is a long back story but I know y'all don't care about that

    Highlights are :

    She's always been a stripper

    She has always denied doing anything but dancing

    She borrowed my other BFF phone to check her email

    She never logged out and yes the other BFF was nosey

    There are active emails from an escort site and when you read my her profile I found out she charges $250 an hour for all kinds of freaky stuff from sex to water sports to some weird shit I've never heard of

    Should I call her out ? Or just mind my business and secretly know she's a lying hoe?

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    Looks too real and this is the future of fake news and the bullshit that comes with it.


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    Reports: Mueller Impanels Grand Jury In Federal Russia Probe

    Robert Mueller, the special counsel overseeing the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, recently impaneled a grand jury as part of the probe, several news outlets reported on Thursday.

    The Wall Street Journal reported, citing two unnamed sources familiar with the matter, that the Washington, D.C. grand jury “began its work in recent weeks” and is separate from the one assisting with the probe into President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The impanelment of that jury predated Mueller’s appointment as special counsel.

    Reuters confirmed, citing two unnamed sources familiar with the matter, that Mueller convened a grand jury.

    The empanelment of a new, separate grand jury reflects the scope of Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the election and whether any members of Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

    Reuters also reported that grand jury subpoenas were issued in connection with a meeting between Donald Trump Jr., the President’s eldest son, and a Russian lawyer.

    Trump Jr. attended the meeting after he was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton as part of a Russian government effort to aid his father’s campaign. It was not clear whether those subpoenas were issued by the grand jury Mueller impaneled.

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    Black Lives Matter demands prosecution of ‘murderous’ police officers

    The families of Los Angeles residents fatally shot by law enforcement officers joined Black Lives Matter organizers Monday outside the downtown Hall of Justice to demand that District Attorney Jackie Lacey prosecute some of those officers.

    Black Lives Matter organizers have posted a petition at and on the group’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and said they hope to garner 10,000 signatures in the next 30 days.

    “Jackie Lacey has not filed charges against a single police officer,” said BLMLA spokeswoman Melina Abdullah, explaining that the group turned out Monday to “convince her to do her job.”

    More than 200 deaths have occurred at the hands of law enforcement since Lacey took office in 2012, according to BLMLA, with one organizer putting the number at 268.

    Some officers were judged to have acted “out of policy” by their departments and were subject to administration action. In other cases — like the fatal shootings of James Joseph Byrd and Norma Guzman in unrelated incidents in 2015 — the police commission found that officers violated rules about deadly force, though Beck and union officials disagreed.

    And shortly after the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Brendon Glenn in Venice in 2015, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said he hadn’t seen circumstances to justify the use of deadly force.

    No criminal charges have been filed in any of those cases.

    Lacey’s Justice System Integrity Division filed a formal report finding that the officers who shot Guzman acted in lawful self-defense and defense of others. No reports have yet been published on Byrd or Glenn.

    BLM organizers say they have a clear-cut case of criminal misconduct in the shootings of Kisha Michael and Marquintan Sandlin. The five officers involved are no longer with the force, though when the Inglewood Police Department made that announcement in May, it declined to say whether they had resigned or been fired.

    Either way, family members see it as evidence of guilt and want the district attorney to prosecute the men.

    “We are demanding that District Attorney Jackie Lacey bring charges against police when they kill our people, beginning with the filing of charges against former Inglewood police officers Michael Jaen, Richard Parcella, Jason Cantrell, Sean Reidy and Andrew Cohen who killed Kisha Michael and Marquintan Sandlin while sleeping in their car in February 2016, leaving seven children without their parents,” the petition reads.

    “We are demanding that in each (police shooting) case, the District Attorney vigorously pursue charges against murderous and abusive officers rather than deferring to police units rife with scandal and corruption to hold themselves accountable.”

    The Inglewood Police Department said that Michael and Sandlin appeared to be unconscious in a car at Manchester Boulevard and Inglewood Avenue when officers approached and that Michael had a gun in her lap. Both had a blood- alcohol content in excess of the legal limit for driving, according to police.

    Officers fired into the car, but the department has not released the details of its investigation and exactly what led to the use of deadly force.

    BLMLA advocate Justin Marks said it was time for the IPD to pay for body cameras for its officers.

    “The Inglewood Police Department is in serious need of some accountability,” Marks said, adding that a city where a $2.6 billion stadium is being built can afford the expense.

    “Inglewood does not have a budget crisis, it has a priority crisis,” Marks said.

    Abdullah said the group was seeking justice for those “who are not wealthy, who are not white.”

    The small crowd outside the Hall of Justice was made up of black, white and Latino faces, including the father of Jesse Romero Jr., a 14-year-old boy shot in Boyle Heights last year.

    Romero Sr. stood before a microphone and told reporters, “I want justice for my son,” before he was overcome by grief and had to walk away, sobbing.

    An organizer with neighborhood organization Centro CSO took his place, offering a “thank you to Black Lives Matter for standing in solidarity with the Latino families in Boyle Heights.”

    A series of family members wearing buttons or carrying photos of their loved ones shared their stories and as the media packed up their cameras and notepads, took handfuls of flyers urging residents to sign the petition.

    Public pressure on officials by BLMLA, White People for Black Lives, faith leaders and residents was what led to the dismissal of the Inglewood officers, Abdullah said.

    “We recognize that the system that we live with is flawed,” she added. Her goal is “push it as far as we possibly can to get some semblance of justice.”

    Lacey has said in the past that she would not bow to public or media pressure and has followed the evidence and the law in each of the police shootings she has reviewed.

    Asked for comment Monday, a spokeswoman for Lacey replied via email, “The Inglewood officer-involved shooting remains under review.”


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    The shooting of an Australian woman by US police has raised serious concerns after it was revealed the officers did not have their body cameras turned on.

    Justine Damond, aged 40, was shot dead in Minneapolis about 11:30pm local time on Saturday after two officers responded to a report of a possible assault.
    Her stepson Zach Damond, 22, said she called police after hearing a noise in the alleyway near their house in the suburb of Fulton.

    "At one point an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman," the police department said.

    "Officers were dispatched. When officers responded, an officer-involved shooting occurred, which resulted in one adult female victim who is deceased and which has prompted our callout to the BCA [Bureau of Criminal Apprehension].

    "The BCA will now further be conducting this investigation, this officer-involved shooting, from this point forward."

    Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said in a statement that she was "heartsick and deeply disturbed by the incident".

    "I'm seeking answers to the questions we all have, and will make sure to keep the communication flowing," she said.

    Ms Hodges said she understood the police body cameras and squad camera, which were introduced to the Minneapolis Police Department last year, were not switched on when the shooting occurred.

    The two officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure.

    A rally organised by local activist Mel Reeves was held at the site of the shooting, while other community members gathered for a vigil in Ms Damond's neighbourhood.

    Local media say neighbours are mystified as to what occurred.

    Zach Damond spoke at the vigil calling for more information and transparency from the authorities.

    "Basically my mum is dead because a police officer shot her for reasons I don't know, and I demand answers," Mr Damond said.

    "I just know that she heard a sound in the alley so she called the police, and the cops showed up.

    "And she probably… thought something bad was happening and then the next thing, they take my best friend's life.

    "I'm so done with all this violence, it's so much bullshit.

    "America sucks, these cops need to be trained differently and I need to move out of here."
    The shooting has reopened a deep rift between community members and the authorities as it comes one year after Minneapolis man Philando Castile was shot and killed by Minneapolis police officer Jeronimo Yanez.

    A video from the aftermath of last year's shooting was livestreamed on Facebook.

    It showed a woman interacting with an armed officer as the fatally injured man lay on the footpath.

    The local community was left reeling after Mr Yanez was acquitted of all charges exactly one month ago and fired by the City of Saint Anthony.

    Leslie Redmond, the vice-president for the Minneapolis NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People), has called for a federal investigation into the latest shooting.

    "I am shocked and appalled by the limited amount of information available right now. What are they covering up?" she said.
    Minnesota newspaper The Star Tribune reports Ms Damond was dressed in her pyjamas when she went to the driver’s side door of the police vehicle that responded to the emergency call.
    She was talking to the driver when the officer in the passenger seat pulled out his gun and shot across his fellow officer.

    Remember niggas, when you're in trouble, just call your PALs


    You'll get the help you need.

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  • 09/12/17--09:24: Best Professional Clap Back
  • So we all get snarky emails from coworkers

    What's your best professional clap back ?

    Here are some basic one's

    "Per my last email ..."
    "Per our last conversation..."
    "Please advise ...."

    My fav is

    "Please let me know if I misunderstood, however ,,,,"

    I also like

    "For future reference ...."

    Add on


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    Five officers facing internal discipline by the Baltimore Police Department in connection with the arrest and death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray in 2015 will have public departmental trials this fall and winter, according to the online trial board schedule and a police union attorney.

    Three of them face termination — the most severe punishment now possible locally after city prosecutors failed to secure a single criminal conviction in the case. Officials have not announced findings in a separate federal investigation into Gray's death.

    The administrative trial of Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., the driver of the police van in which prosecutors said Gray suffered his fatal neck injuries, is scheduled for Oct. 30 to Nov. 3.

    Lt. Brian Rice’s trial is Nov. 13-17; Sgt. Alicia White’s is Dec. 5-11; Officer Garrett Miller’s is Dec. 18-19; and Officer Edward Nero’s is Dec. 20-21. The officers will attend their hearings.

    The department’s online schedule lists the trials, but not the officers’ names. Michael Davey, an attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3, confirmed the schedule. He otherwise declined to comment.

    The specifics of the internal charges are not clear. Davey has previously said the officers are charged with “violations of policy and procedure,” but declined to elaborate.

    By law, officers who are charged with internal infractions can accept recommended punishments or contest the charges before a trial board. All five chose trial boards.

    The panels, which consist of three police officers, can acquit the officers or uphold the charges. If the charges are upheld, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis would determine the officers’ punishments.

    A new state law made trial boards open to the public, but their outcomes remain secret.
    The trials will be held at City Hall, according to the online schedule.

    Davis said Monday that a review of the officers’ actions by two outside police agencies found the officers had committed “several violations” of departmental policies. The discipline trials will provide them “the opportunity to address those findings,” he said.

    He otherwise declined to comment. It was not clear who in the department would be leading the proceedings.

    William H. “Billy” Murphy, the Gray family attorney, declined to comment.

    Tessa Hill-Aston, president of the Baltimore branch of the NAACP, said she is glad the officers are facing discipline.

    “The bottom line, like I’ve always said, is that Freddie is dead, and at the hands of the Police Department,” she said. “Someone should be held accountable, and if they couldn’t be held accountable in the court system, they should be held accountable internally.”

    In Baltimore and across the country, Hill-Aston said, “we have to let the community see that when police do bad things and do not perform their jobs well, that there are some repercussions.”

    The Baltimore Sun first reported in May that the five officers faced internal charges — and that Goodson, Rice and White face firing — after investigators from the Montgomery and Howard County police departments finished their review of the case. Nero and Miller, who made the initial arrest of Gray, face five days suspension without pay.

    The Baltimore Police Department had asked the county police departments to conduct the internal investigation to avoid a conflict of interest.

    Gray’s death in April 2015 sparked widespread protests in Baltimore, and rioting, looting and arson broke out on the day of his funeral. Millions of dollars in damage occurred in the city, which was put under a weeklong nightly curfew amid the unrest.

    The five officers and a sixth were charged criminally in the case, with offenses ranging from misconduct to manslaughter and second-degree murder. All pleaded not guilty and none was convicted. Goodson, Rice and Nero were each acquitted in bench trials. Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby dropped the charges against White, Miller and the sixth officer, William Porter.

    Porter had previously gone to trial, which ended with a hung jury and a mistrial.

    Porter is not facing any internal discipline based on the findings of the investigation by the two county police agencies.

    The police union previously denounced the department’s decision to bring internal charges against the officers and hold trial boards, saying the internal cases will “do nothing more than perpetuate a police force hesitant to exercise judgment when interacting with the public.”

    The scheduled duration of the officers’ upcoming trials is unusual. Most trial board proceedings do not last more than one day. However, the cases against the officers charged in Gray’s arrest and death involve huge amounts of evidence, in part because they were tried in criminal court first.

    Police reform advocates in the city have long pushed to put civilians on trial boards, but the local police union has rejected that idea and state law prohibits the city from putting civilians on the boards without the union’s consent.

    City officials, including Davis and Mayor Catherine Pugh, have said they are pushing for the placement of civilians on the boards as part of the their ongoing contract negotiations with the union.

    The officers’ administrative trials follow an investigation into the Baltimore Police Department by the U.S. Department of Justice, launched after Gray’s death and the subsequent unrest. The federal investigation concluded there has been widespread unconstitutional and discriminatory policing within the department. The city is now under a consent decree with the Justice Department mandating sweeping reforms.

    On the day of Gray’s funeral and the start of the rioting in Baltimore in April 2015, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced a federal investigation by the Justice Department and the FBI into Gray’s death to determine whether his federal civil rights had been violated. The Justice Department on Monday declined to provide an update on the status of that investigation.

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    I just got this fulltime job at a stockroom for this uniform supply company. It works from 6 AM - 2:30 PM Monday thru Friday

    And then I got this part time job at a warehouse lined up where I would be working from 3:30 PM to around 11:30 PM 3 days a week

    So there might be some days where I would have to work about 16 hours on about 4 hours of sleep. I'll probably have free weekends and on days where I only work the first job I'd get off at 2:30 so that'd be cool to me.

    Any advice on how to get by with minimum sleep on those days? Energy drinks? Coffee? How to stay focused? Maybe diet suggestions? Any help appreciated.

    The end goal is to save up enough money to buy a foreclosed property with some partners and then either renovate it to flip it or rent it out.

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    According to a new report by Variety, the 36-year-old comedian renegotiated her Netflix special salary once she learned what Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were paid for their respective stand-up specials.

    While the two were paid $20 million for their routines, Variety claims Schumer had been paid $11 million for her “The Leather Special” taping. Schumer was reportedly able to raise her payment significantly after going back to the streaming channel and asking for more. The March special was taped after Schumer’s rise in popularity, thanks in part to an Emmy win for Inside Amy Schumer and success with her first starring role in the film Trainwreck.

    Schumer’s request for more equal pay comes in the wake of several other female celebrities demanding more money after learning their male counterparts were being paid higher wages. After the Sony hack revealed Chris Hemsworth was getting paid more for his role in the The Huntsman: Winter’s War than costar Charlize Theron, the actress renegotiated her contract and added a reported $10 million to her salary. Emmy Rossum had similar success when she asked to be paid the same as her fellow Shameless lead, William H. Macy.

    fans talking shit about her stealing jokes from patrice o neal lol

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    Mayor: St. Louis 'on edge' awaiting police shooting verdict

    ST. LOUIS (AP) — The mayor of St. Louis says the city is "on edge" as it awaits a verdict in the first-degree murder trial of former police officer Jason Stockley, in part because of a troubled history of justice in St. Louis and nationwide.

    Stockley is accused of fatally shooting Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. The case was heard last month, but it's unclear when Judge Timothy Wilson will issue a verdict.

    Activists have threatened civil disobedience if Stockley, who is white, is acquitted in the death of Smith, who was black.

    "We're all on edge because we have watched, in this country and in our region, that legal decisions can and do result in families and sometimes entire communities being left without a sense of justice," Mayor Lyda Krewson said in a statement and video. "That can and has resulted in protests and demonstrations."

    The St. Louis region was in the spotlight in 2014 when 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was black and unarmed, was fatally shot by white officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. The shooting and a grand jury's decision not to indict Wilson led to months of racially charged protests.

    "The worry and anxiety we are feeling today is not without cause, and it did not start with Ferguson," Krewson said. "It has its roots in the story of our country. I hope we will all learn more about the laws and policies that closed the doors for some, while leaving them open for others."

    Stockley and his partner saw Smith involved in what they thought was a drug transaction at a fast-food parking lot in December 2011. Smith sped away, nearly striking the officers. After a chase, Stockley shot Smith while Smith was still in his car.

    Stockley testified that Smith had a gun, but prosecutors alleged that Stockley planted the weapon found in the car. They also cited dashboard camera video in which Stockley threatened to kill Smith less than a minute before doing so.

    Krewson, 64, who is white, was elected earlier this year in part because three black Democratic rivals split the African-American vote
    . She has pledged to help ease the racial divide in St. Louis. The city has a nearly evenly split population of blacks and whites among its 316,000 residents.

    Shortly after her election, Krewson created a position of director of racial equity and priority initiatives. She hired Nicole Hudson, who was previously active in reform efforts in Ferguson.

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  • 07/22/14--16:11: The General Business Thread
  • Alright yall this is a spinoff from the Tax Implications thread that was started by @JonnyRoccIT‌ . I made this thread to help out anybody who has general questions about getting started or going forward, legal matters in business, financing/banks/credit, how to find information, building websites, structure, taxation, business plans/proposals, investing, motivation - anything that has to do with running a business please ask the question here and me or @pralims will answer you promptly.

    Anything that has to do with even supplying apps or anything for that matter that can help someone, anybody, somewhere do something easier or better will be greatly appreciated.

    To kick things off I have put the topics in spoilers to make the O/P organized and easier to browse for mobile users.

    Business Entity/Legal Structures

    Sole Proprietorship

    The simplest structure is the sole proprietorship, which usually involves just one individual who owns and operates the enterprise. If you intend to work alone, this structure may be the way to go. The tax aspects of a sole proprietorship are appealing because the expenses and your income from the business are included on your personal income tax return, Form 1040. Your profits and losses are recorded on a form called Schedule C, which is filed with your 1040. The "bottom-line amount" from Schedule C is then transferred to your personal tax return. This is especially attractive because business losses you suffer may offset the income you have earned from your other sources.

    As a sole proprietor, you must also file a Schedule SE with Form 1040. You use Schedule SE to calculate how much self-employment tax you owe. In addition to paying annual self-employment taxes, you must make estimated tax payments if you expect to owe at least $1,000 in federal taxes for the year after deducting your withholding and credits, and your withholding will be less than the smaller of:

    1) 90 percent of the tax to be shown on your current year tax return or

    2) 100 percent of your previous year's tax liability.

    The federal government permits you to pay estimated taxes in four equal amounts throughout the year on the 15th of April, June, September and January. With a sole proprietorship, your business earnings are taxed only once, unlike other business structures. Another big plus is that you will have complete control over your business--you make all the decisions. There are a few disadvantages to consider, however. Selecting the sole proprietorship business structure means you are personally responsible for your company's liabilities. As a result, you are placing your assets at risk, and they could be seized to satisfy a business debt or a legal claim filed against you.Raising money for a sole proprietorship can also be difficult. Banks and other financing sources may be reluctant to make business loans to sole proprietorships. In most cases, you will have to depend on your financing sources, such as savings,
    home equity or family loans.


    If your business will be owned and operated by several individuals, you'll want to take a look at structuring your business as a partnership. Partnerships come in two varieties: general partnerships and limited partnerships. In a general partnership, the partners manage the company and assume responsibility for the partnership's debts and other obligations. A limited partnership has both general and limited partners. The general partners own and operate the business and assume liability for the partnership, while the limited partners serve as investors only; they have no control over the company and are not subject to the same liabilities as the general partners.

    Unless you expect to have many passive investors, limited partnerships are generally not the best choice for a new business because of all the required filings and administrative complexities. If you have two or more partners who want to be actively involved, a general partnership would be much easier to form.

    One of the major advantages of a partnership is the tax treatment it enjoys. A partnership does not pay tax on its income but "passes through" any profits or losses to the individual partners. At tax time, the partnership must file a tax return (Form 1065) that reports its income and loss to the IRS. In addition, each partner reports his or her share of income and loss on Schedule K-1 of Form 1065.

    Personal liability is a major concern if you use a general partnership to structure your business. Like sole proprietors, general partners are personally liable for the partnership's obligations and debts. Each general partner can act on behalf of the partnership, take out loans and make decisions that will affect and be binding on all the partners (if the partnership agreement permits). Keep in mind that partnerships are also more expensive to establish than sole proprietorships because they require more legal and accounting services.

    The other portion is in the next post

    As for what state is best to incorporate in, it really depends on what type of business you're trying to build. Please PM me and I may be able to assist you.


    For motivation give these books a read:

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


    Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


    @black caesar

    Feel free to post if yall can contribute, anything is plenty.

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    At least 10 people from an indigenous tribe in Javari Valley, northwestern Brazil, have been reportedly killed by illegal gold miners.

    The authorities confirmed an open investigation on the brutal killings after complaints had been raised. It was reported that the gold miners decided to brag about their deplorable offense in a bar near the Colombian border. They were boasting about a hand-carved paddle that was stolen from the tribe.

    Leila Silvia Burger Sotto-Maior, coordinator for the Brazilian agency on indigenous affairs (funai), said “it was crude bar talk,” according to The New York Times.

    “They had to kill them or be killed," the miners allegedly said.

    Sotto-Maior also shared that the killers had “bragged about cutting up the bodies and throwing them in the river.”

    After interviewing local people from the town, the indigenous affairs bureau decided to take the case to the police.

    Prosecutor Pablo Luz de Beltrand, who is in charge of the case, said that the investigation had started, but he could not delve into the information. He did, however, say they are following up on it, but that “the territories are big and access is limited.”

    Just over 3,000 indigenous people are from Javari Valley, with very little contact to those outside of it. Since the tribes are uncontacted, even the Funai have little information on them. Beltrand added that this case requires all government departments working together.

    Sarah Shenker, senior campaigner from Survival International (a global indigenous rights group), said that if the reports are confirmed, “it will be yet another genocidal massacre resulting directly from the Brazilian government’s failure to protect isolated tribes – something that is guaranteed in the Constitution.”

    Due to conflict over land, several remote areas in Brazil that include indigenous groups, rural workers, and land activists have all been targeted by violence. This isn't the first time gold miners have tried to invade the space of uncontacted tribes. Last year, it was said that the Yanomami people could face extinction if they are not protected, revealing the increase of danger.

    The New York Times shared that Brazil's president Michel Temer could catch some heat, as he was responsible for cutting funding for indigenous affairs. In April this year, Funai reduced staff and bases used to protect and watch the isolated tribes.

    [H/T: The New York Times]

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    Alt-Right Commentator Flees United States After Being Outed On Internet

    An alt-right activist who took part in the Charlottesville rallies has decided to flee the United States for someplace a bit more “homogenous.”

    In a series of direct messages via Twitter with MassLive, Matt Colligan said he initially scarpered off to Japan and then found his way to Mexico. In those messages, speaking of Japan, he wrote:

    This is what America needs…a people who look talk and act similar…diversity is our weakness.

    Colligan apparently fled the country after his image was plastered all over the internet following the violent “Unite the Right” rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia last month.

    In one image, Colligan can be seen smiling, wearing a button-down checkered shirt and some kind of straps while embracing noted anti-Semitic commentator Tim Gionet as a few tiki torches blaze in the background.

    After Colligan’s smile went viral, he was personally identified by information vigilantes on the internet. After that, his phone number and those of family members became public knowledge. He apparently received some death threats. The famous Twitter account @YesYoureRacist, made Colligan one of its targets, referring to him as a “white supremacist” with a pedophile mustache.

    During his interview with MassLive, he said, “I decided to distance myself from them, distance myself from everything that’s going on right now. And sort of hide out in a place that might not have seen my photo. I might stay out here for maybe a year or so.”

    Colligan, for his part, says he is not a neo-Nazi or a member of the Ku Klux Klan. His Twitter account identifies him as a “troll” and is littered with tweets about 9/11 being an “inside job.” One tweet says the Holocaust was an “inside joke.” Another tweet appears to blame Israel for the September 11, 2001 attacks.


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    Mario Perivoitos died at his north London home after being attacked by Staffordshire bull terrier in front of BBC film crew.

    A Staffordshire bull terrier that killed its owner by crushing his larynx in its jaws in front of a BBC documentary crew had probably taken crack cocaine, an inquest has heard.

    The dog’s owner, Mario Perivoitos, died at his home in Wood Green, north London, in an incident in March that was seen but not filmed by BBC journalists making a programme about drugs.

    An inquest at North London coroner’s court heard that the behaviour of the dog, called Major, could have been triggered by crack cocaine.

    Nicholas Carmichael, a veterinary toxicologist, told the inquest that samples indicating high levels of cocaine and morphine were discovered in the dog’s urine.

    Mail Online quoted Carmichael as saying: “It is very likely that this dog had consumed drugs, probably eaten them. It is almost impossible to say whether that will make the dog attack, but it does make them respond abnormally.

    “They become very excited and agitated. It is more likely that this attack happened because this dog had taken cocaine.”

    Julie Higgins, a pathologist, told the court that Perivoitos’s body “included injuries to the neck and face, with extensive haemorrhaging, and the larynx was crushed”.

    The BBC crew were at his home filming Drugs Map of Britain when he began having a seizure.

    The programme’s producer, Joshua Haddow, managed to wrestle Major off his owner, but it was too late to save him, the court heard. During the attack, Major crushed Mario’s larynx and caused him to lose so much blood he was given ten pints to try and revive him later in hospital, the court heard.

    The senior coroner, Andrew Walker, concluded that Perivoitos died as a consequence of injuries received from the dog. He pointed out that the victim had taken cocaine before the attack.

    “It is likely that he was experiencing an epileptic shock, which caused the dog to nip his face before biting his neck. The film crew telephoned an ambulance while attempting to get the dog off Mr Perivoitos,” he said.

    “It is likely that the dog had consumed cocaine by eating it and it is likely that this was an additional factor in the dog’s behaviour. Mr Perivoitos suffered serious injuries and was taken to a major trauma hospital, and died shortly after midnight.”

    Walker thanked the BBC crew for their attempts to save Perivoitos. Police told the inquest that Major is to be put down

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    Me and my homie was having a debate. Well not a debate really but he was kind of jokin/serious i think. Anyway he made some commits about how i had ot easier growing up because i had both parents in my life and he only had one. Then he went on to say im rich cuz i live in a bigger house. An cuz my family got alittle money.......i felt offended cuz i never act like i got money nor do i hold it over anyone's head. Plus its not my money its my parents money. Ya i got a allowance growing up and got most of the shit i wanted during Christmas but how is that my fault. Cause when i reached a certain age i did have to go get a job and work for shit just like everyone else. All im sayin is nobody picks what there born into or who there born to. I just feel like instead of making statements towards me he needs to ask his mom why she made the poor choices she made to put him in the position he's in growing up. ik people with more money than me and both parents and 1 parent who have there head stuck up there ass. An ik people with both parents and 1 parent who grew up struggling that also have there head stuck up there asses. I've seen people from good homes and wealth and people from bad homes and no wealth both blow and take the opportunities that where laid in front of them.

    Im just wondering in your opinion what really makes a person the way they are "parenting, money, environment...etc" i mean sure they can influence your choices but its still up to your mind to make choices in life.

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    Mass shooting victims ID'd as mom of gunman's slain ex-wife speaks out

    Police identified the victims as 27-year-old Meredith Emily Hight; 33-year-old Anthony Michael Cross; 24-year-old Olivia Nicole Deffner; 29-year-old James Richard Dunlop; 22-year-old Darryl William Hawkins; 31-year-old Rion Christopher Morgan; 28-year-old Myah Sade Bass; and 25-year-old Caleb Seth Edwards.

    PLANO, Texas -- Plano police have identified 32-year-old Spencer James Hight as the gunman who killed eight people at a Plano home Sunday night.

    Hight was killed by an officer who responded to the scene, heard gunfire, was confronted by the armed man and shot him.

    Police say Hight's 27-year-old ex-wife, Meredith Emily Hight, is among the victims.

    The couple's sixth wedding anniversary would have been on Monday, September 11, CBSDFW reported.

    Others have been identified as 33-year-old Anthony Michael Cross; 24-year-old Olivia Nicole Deffner; 29-year-old James Richard Dunlop; 22-year-old Darryl William Hawkins; 31-year-old Rion Christopher Morgan; 28-year-old Myah Sade Bass; and 25-year-old Caleb Seth Edwards. Police say their hometowns haven't yet been confirmed.

    Meredith Hight's mother has said her daughter owned the home, had recently divorced Hight after six years of marriage and was hosting a party to watch football games.

    The shootings remain under investigation.

    CBSDFW spoke with Meredith's mother, Debbie Lane, as she drove from her home in Atlanta to Plano.

    Lane said her daughter wanted a divorce because Spencer was an alcoholic and was physically abusive. In the divorce papers, Meredith had citied "discord or conflict of personalities" as one of the reasons for the broken marriage.

    ‪Lane said her daughter did not take the decision to file for divorce lightly. "After two years of trying to get him in treatment, trying to get him to stop, trying to help him… she said, enough is enough. She made every effort she could… and could leave that relationship with no regrets."

    Lane said she talked to her daughter the day before the shooting and that she was busy planning and preparing for the football watch party.

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