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    White House: ESPN’s Jemele Hill should be fired for calling Trump a ‘white supremacist’

    White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Wednesday struck back at ESPN host Jemele Hill for referring to President Trump as a “white supremacist,” calling the comment “outrageous” and saying she should lose her job.

    Asked about Hill's tweets Monday evening, in which the sportscaster also said Trump's rise was “the direct result of white supremacy,” Sanders responded: “That's one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make and certainly something that I think is a fireable offense by ESPN.”

    ESPN scolded Hill, who is African American, in a public statement distancing the network from her remarks, but it has not suspended her from her co-hosting gig on “SportsCenter.” The network, which has been accused by far-right conservatives of being too openly liberal with its politics, called Hill’s tweet “inappropriate” and noted her comments do not “represent the position of ESPN.”

    In her tweets, Hill wrote that “Trump is the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime.” She said his “rise is a direct result of white supremacy. Period,” and that he is “unqualified and unfit to be president. He is not a leader. And if he were not white, he never would have been elected.”

    Sanders said she did not know whether Trump was aware of Hill's comments.

    Trump has faced widespread criticism for his handling of the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville that resulted in the death of a counterprotester. The president did not immediately denounce the specific hate groups, including the KKK and neo-Nazis, which had organized the event, and he continued to equivocate even after condemning them, later saying there were “very fine people” on both sides.

    Trump met privately at the White House on Thursday with Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who is African American, about the aftermath of the Charlottesville incident.

    Sanders asserted Wednesday that Trump has been clear in his condemnation of hate groups.

    Asked why Hill and her supporters don't think so, the press secretary said: “I know that the president has met with people like Senator Scott who are highly respected leaders in the African American community. He's committed to working with them to bring the country together. I think that's where we need to be focused — not on outrageous statements like that one.”

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    Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Website Posts Racist Video Mocking Native Americans for Columbus Day

    To celebrate Columbus Day this year, right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro’s website posted a video apparently excusing ethnic genocide by depicting Native Americans as cannibals and savages who weren’t tamed until white Europeans came to America and took their land.

    The Daily Wire’s animated video begins with a caption that sarcastically reads, “The North American indigenous people are a noble people…” Then, a group of Native Americans are seen slaughtering and even eating each other. But alas, there is hope for these evil, murderous savages, as the clip then cuts to a very Caucasian looking Christopher Columbus arriving on the North American continent and taming the indigenous people. He does this by teaching them how to construct buildings, raise cattle, and farm crops — though, the video does not include the ethnic genocide, land-stealing, and rape that Columbus and his crew are known by many for.

    The second caption reads “1492-2017” and a montage of civilizational progress is shown — suggesting that this positive progress was the sole result of white Europeans showing up in America and killing off much of the native population.

    The cherry on top of this racist sundae is a text-on-screen segment in the video that reads, “List Of Contributions.” The Native American side of this list includes dreamcatchers, tomahawks, and cannibalism. On the other side of the screen, the “After Columbus” contributions include iPhones, cars, airplanes, electricity, women’s suffrage, human rights, “The Simpsons,” and about 15 other things.

    While Shapiro likes to bill himself as a conservative pundit who is vehemently opposed to racism and the alt-right, with videos like these, it is hard to understand why, as white nationalist leader Richard Spencer often espouses the exact same talking points promoted in this video. Additionally, Shapiro has in the past made openly racist comments about Arabs. “Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue. #settlementsrock,” tweeted Shapiro in 2010.

    Once again another conservative “provocateur” is exposed as a racist...

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    The state of Vermont and the cities of Denver and Phoenix joined the growing list of places celebrating Native Americans on the federal holiday named for Christopher Columbus.

    Since visit this link Columbus Day 2015 at least 14 communities in the United States have passed measures designating the second Monday in October Indigenous Peoples Day.

    The changes build on recent efforts to shift the day's focus from the Italian explorer, beginning in big cities including Seattle, Minneapolis and Albuquerque, and spreading to counties and school districts.

    "Indigenous Peoples Day represents a shift in consciousness," said Dr. Leo Killsback, a citizen of the Northern Cheyenne Nation and assistant professor of American Indian Studies at Arizona State University.

    "It acknowledges that indigenous peoples and their voices are important in today's conversations."


    What does it mean?

    The movement is part of broader attempts to clarify the Italian explorer's role in American history.

    Historians visit this link largely agree that he did not "discover" the Americas because people were already there; nor was he the first European to reach the "New World." He sailed around the Caribbean, enslaving the people of present-day Haiti, bringing violence and disease to the region and decimating the population. He opened up the Americas to European settlement at the expense of the indigenous population, paving the way for the European slave trade.

    "One of the biggest misconceptions about Columbus is that he was righteous. The truth is that he was wicked and responsible for the rape and murder of innocent indigenous people," said Killsback, who was part of the movement to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day in Phoenix.

    "We should question why we as Americans continue to celebrate him without knowing the true history of his legacy, and why a holiday was created in the first place. He never landed in the USA," he said.

    Do you have to go to work?

    In most places, Indigenous Peoples Day does not replace Columbus Day or make it a paid holiday if it was not already one. Only visit this link 23 states and Washington recognize it as a paid holiday for state workers.

    The change makes Vermont the latest state to ditch Columbus Day and make it about the people he encountered after crossing the ocean blue, following South Dakota, which has celebrated Native American Day instead of Columbus Day since 1990.

    Gov. Peter Sumlin's visit this link proclamation renames the holiday and encourages "all Vermonters to recognize the sacrifice and contributions of the First Peoples of this land." But it's not a paid holiday there and there's nothing stopping local governments or communities from holding their own Columbus Day celebrations.

    The change is slightly different from Alaska, which adopted Indigenous Peoples Day in 2015, in the sense that the state never celebrated Columbus Day. Same goes for Hawaii, which has always celebrated visit this link Discovers' Day in honor of the Polynesian explorers who colonized the Hawaiian islands, instead of Columbus.

    Not just in America

    It's not just happening in the United States. A group of left-wing city council members in Barcelona called for the city to remove a 196-foot statue of Christopher Columbus in one of its most heavily trafficked intersections as part of a proposal to strike the October 12 national holiday and return it to a regular working day.

    Council member María José Lecha González said public commemoration of Columbus glorifies colonialism and imperialism, and called the holiday a "mockery" of the genocide of the indigenous population.

    The proposal failed to garner enough votes to pass after being submitted to the Barcelona city council in September. But González said that simply raising the issue was an important step -- especially in the country that sponsored Columbus' voyage.

    "For a week, this proposal and these matters and the questions [they] raised, have been in the media, and they have been on the streets, and they reached many other places that they hadn't reached before."

    Opposition continues

    The support is far from universal. In Oklahoma City, home to one of the nation's largest Native American populations, for the second year in a row city leaders visit this link rejected a proposal to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. So did the Cincinnati City Council, through visit this link five abstentions and four votes in favor.

    Nor does it mean an end to Columbus Day celebrations in communities that adopted Indigenous Peoples Day.

    In Denver, an annual Columbus Day parade sponsored by the Order Sons of Italy Lodge No. 2075 continued as planned on Saturday, visit this link sparking a counter-demonstration that drew hundreds of people.

    "They tell us we're going to to have indigenous day and be happy," Kenny Frost of the Southern Ute tribe visit this link told the Denver Post. "No. We're going to take the whole cake."

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    O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing in Nevada this Thursday will be carried live onESPN as an expanded, 90-minute Outside the Lines Special, and pool cameras in the hearing room make it all but certain the proceedings will pop up at least in part on other news channels.

    In fact, the Nevada Board of Parole says about 30 news organizations have registered to cover the hearing at both the hearing location in Carson City and at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada, where Simpson is incarcerated on the 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping convictions.

    Simpson will appear via videoconference from the prison, with four parole commissioners in Carson City.

    The hearing begins at 10 am PT (1 pm ET), and ESPN has set aside a 90-minute slot under its Outside the Lines banner. The network’s Jeremy Schaap will anchor.

    The public’s fascination with Simpson hasn’t ebbed since his era-defining arrest (and acquittal) for the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. ESPN Films, of course, scored big time with its O.J.: Made in Americadocumentary, the 2016 five-part series directed by Ezra Edelman that won a Best Feature Documentary Oscar for its theatrical run. FX’s hit 2016 drama The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story won nine Emmy Awards.

    Simpson, 70, was sentenced in 2008 to nine-to-33 years in prison for his role in an armed Las Vegas confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers. If paroled – which legal pundits say is possible, even likely – he could be released October 1.

    Simpson’s cohort in the crime, Clarence “C.J.” Stewart, served 27 months in prison before the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that he should have been tried separately from Simpson.

    The Nevada parole board has indicated that a decision on Simpson’s release will be made the day of the hearing, and that Simpson will be permitted to speak.


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    Some background music for accompaniment


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    New fingerprint technology that can profile a criminal's "lifestyle" could soon be admissible in court.

    It's capable of detecting traces of drugs, blood, alcohol, condom lubricants, hair and cleaning products and other substances “of forensic interest”, researchers say, and could help investigators learn much more about a criminal’s activities, just from a fingerprint.

    The technology, which was developed by Sheffield Hallam University researchers, is called Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Profiling (MALDI-MSI and MALDI-MSP).

    There's a lot of scientific work going on, with Sheffield Hallam University and West Yorkshire Police visiting crime scenes looking at how this technique could fit in with the work flow of collecting conventional forensic evidence and other types of evidence, such as DNA and fibres,” the Home Office’s senior technical specialist, Stephen Bleay, told the BBC.

    “I think it's fairly close to bottoming out all the questions that could be raised in court. It's possible this is only months away from being used on casework
    The researchers say it can provide “an insight into the criminal's state of mind at the time of committing the offence”, and “crucial background information” about their activities ahead of the crime taking place.

    "Mapping such 'story telling' substances directly onto the identifying fingerprint ridges will potentially generate circumstantial, associative or even corroborative evidence on the suspect’s lifestyle and activities, allowing more informed criminal investigations and judicial debates," they wrote in a research paper published earlier this year.

    "Importantly, detecting drug metabolites would indicate drug 'abuse' rather than 'handling', which pertain to two very different forensic scenarios."

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    its time this got its own thread. The Breakfast Club has changed the game in radio. They are now leaps and bounds ahead of their competition.

    So far in 2016, they have had some DOPE interviews.

    had to start the thread off with the one that coined the term "chatty patty"

    hilarious but somewhere, a few gems were dropped



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    A frantic search is underway for 3-year-old Sherin Mathews, a Texas girl who disappeared after her father left her outside at night as punishment for not drinking her milk, according to police.

    Sherin is three-feet tall, 22-pounds and was last seen wearing a pink top, black pajama bottoms, and pink flip-flops outside of her home in Richardson, just north of Dallas, around 3 a.m. Saturday, local authorities said in a release. She has "developmental issues and limited verbal communication skills," according to authorities.

    Sherin's father, Westley Mathews, reportedly told police that he ordered the small child to stand by a tree near an alley as punishment over the milk dispute. He returned to check on her 15 minutes later but discovered she was gone. He did not call police until five hours later, Sgt. Kevin Perlich told Dallas-Fort Worth station KXAS-TV.

    “Why was the last sighting at 3 o’clock and the parents not call us until after 8 a.m.? That’s the question we want answered as well,” Perlich told the station. “As far as why she was out there, how long she was out there, that’s the questions we have for the parents.”

    Mathews was arrested later that night for abandoning or endangering a child, police said. He was released on $250,000 bond. The girl’s father told police that he knew coyotes had been spotted in the alley where he left his daughter, according to a copy of the arrest affidavit. The home is also near railroad tracks. A 4-year-old was taken from the family's home and placed in foster care, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services told WFAA. She also added that the family has previously had contact with the department.

    Late Monday afternoon, an Amber Alert was discontinued due to a lack of leads in the case.

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    Ever since her online spat with Khloe Kardashian who called her out for being a former stripper, Amber Rose has been on a mission to fight slut-shaming, defined as the practice of making women feel ashamed of or embarrassed by their sexual self. In addition to posting several sexy selfies, she also plans to organize a "Slut Walk" to hammer home the idea that the way a woman dresses doesn't make it okay to verbally harass, grope or rape them. In addition to the Khloe incident, Rose claims Kanye's "30 Showers" comment is also a great example of making women feel less-than because of their actual (or perceived) sexual history.

    "It's important for me because I deal with it every day," Rose told Entertainment Tonight. "I deal with it via social media, people out on the street. I recently dealt with that with my ex saying he had to take 30 showers after he'd been with me. [As for Khloe] She didn't have to tweet 11 times and try to humiliate me."

    While Rose's intentions are likely in the right place, she has also been accused of slut-shaming herself, as she's brought up Kim's sextape as a way to dig at the reality star before.

    See Amber tweet about her upcoming "Slut Walk" and see pics of Rose above. What do you think of the idea?


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  • 10/10/17--06:13: Calling ALL Obama Haters....
  • Y'all say Obama ain't do this...Obama ain't do that...


    If I catch another nigga talkin' sweet about him...Ima fuckin' beat they ass..

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    let me set it off like this...


    if you didn't have one of these joints hanging in at least one of your classrooms you're either old and decrepit and possibly dead already or a product of the crack era.

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    A woman has been charged with killing her four-year-old son by setting fire to him in a bathtub in their apartment.

    The body of the boy was found by fire crews with his hands tied behind his back and a bin bag over his head.

    Amelia DiStasio from Milwaukee faces a charge of first-degree intentional homicide following her arrest by police.
    According to court documents, authorities were called to reports of smoke coming from her apartment.

    There the emergency services found her son Antonio’s burned and lifeless body in the bath.

    His hands had been bound behind his back with several belts and a plastic bin bag over his head.

    An open bottle of cooking oil was also in the bathroom.
    As reported by WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, the night before the fire a neighbour heard the child say, 'Please mommy, stop! I won't do it again!' She also heard DiStasio yell, “Shut up!”

    At the time of the fire, a witness told police she saw the suspect climb out the window and run away.

    Police later found her walking down the street.

    Investigators also reportedly found searches on DiStasio's phone for “ways to kill cannibals”.

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  • 05/05/15--11:21: The Travel Thread
  • Post any interesting places that you've been, going or have an interest in visiting.

    Ask any travel related question and hopefully someone who has been will answer with useful tips, etc.

    Happy Travels

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    Well the last thread was deleted along with the rest of my content but the show must go on.

    I'm proud of what the last thread became and how many posters got involved, you guys helped not only keep me motivated but keep other posters motivated as well so pat yourselves on the back for that.

    Let's keep it up in 2015, what are some of your goals?

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    This shit should have its own thread. For if it happens, it will be the most significant event in all our lives.

    Two most important things that you need to know:

    1. On July 28th NK successfully test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that reportedly reached a maximum altitude of 3,700 km (2,300 miles) and went a distance of around 1,000 km (600 miles). Experts estimate that if the missile was flown on a standard trajectory it would have a range of around 9,000 to 10,400 km.

    2. On Aug. 8th the Washington Post reported that US intelligence services concluded late last month that NK can now miniaturize nuclear warheads on its missiles. It has been known that NK has had nuclear weapons for about 10 years.

    So if there is a war with North Korea, it most likely will be a nuclear war, and NK now seems to have the ability to reach most of the US (and Canada).

    In other words, this shit is no joke.

    The is a map of how far NK missiles will need to travel to hit places in the US and Canada:


    If there is a war what will you do?

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    So KiK changed their format to an AOL chat room type vibe. You can create rooms and also search for rooms based on your particular interests.

    Would you frequent an IC chat room if one were created?

    KiK is a mobIle only app, and you have to create an account.

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  • 11/30/16--18:44: Bees Attack Big Ass Spider
  • image

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