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    PENSACOLA, Fla. — A 9-year-old child died Saturday after her 325-pound cousin allegedly sat on her as punishment, according to the Pensacola New Journal reported.

    Authorities responded to the home on Bryant Road to find the child, Dericka Lindsay, unresponsive. She was transported to Baptist Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

    According to the arrest report, 64-year-old Veronica Green Posey was called to the home by the child’s parents to discpline her “for being out of control.” She reportedly struck the child with a ruler and metal pipe before the child ran to a chair. That’s when Posey allegedly sat on the child for several minutes.

    The child cried that she could not breathe and when Posey stood up, Dericka was unresponsive, reports state.

    The report also stated that Posey weighs about 325 pounds.

    Posey was charged with homicide and cruelty toward a child.

    The parents of Dericka, Grace Joan Smith, 69, and James Edmund Smith, 62, were also arrested and charged with child neglect for failing to report the abuse. Grace Smith has also been charged with cruelty toward a child.

    Posey’s bond was set at $125,000, and she has been released.

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  • 10/17/17--13:27: Delete dis
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    ATLANTA (AP) — A warrant says an Atlanta woman put her two young sons in an oven and turned it on.

    Local media reported Monday that the warrant charging Lamora Williams with murder in the deaths of 1-year-old son Ja’Karter Penn and 2-year-old Ke-Yaunte Penn says she put them in the oven sometime between midnight Thursday and 11 p.m. Friday.

    A third boy, 3-year-old Jameel Penn Jr., was found unharmed.

    Williams waived a court appearance Monday and was denied bail.


    The father of all three children, Jameel Penn, says Williams called him by video chat Friday night to tell him his children were dead. Penn says he called police after seeing his sons on the floor.

    Williams’ sister, Tabitha Hollingsworth, says Williams should be put on suicide watch in the Fulton County jail.

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  • 01/20/14--15:15: The Random Facts Thread
  • Im just going to put all the facts i find on the internet into one thread, kinda like chitlin and his news thread.

    I just got these off the internet, i dont know if they are true or not. Google it if your so curious.

    Ill post infographics and cool educational type gifs in here as well.

    Feel free to post some too if you come across any.

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    I watched this show on CNN called This is Life w/ Lisa Ling. This episode was about "Age of Consent" and teens getting labled as sex offenders for doing fairly normal teenage stuff.

    This kid was 14yrs old. Crushing on another 14yr old girl.

    He decided to txt her a dick pic.... No response

    2hrs later the cops show up to his house. He takes responsibility for the dick pic.

    Turns out because he himself is underage, he gets charged for distribution of child porn.

    He gets put on probation, will need to register as a sex offender, needs to attend sex offender therapy sessions, cant go to malls or movie theaters, his parents even need to supervise him at grocery stores.

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  • 10/13/17--20:46: Body bag thread

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  • 10/18/17--06:25: Who would you rather meet??
  • Your ancestors? (Past)
    Or your descendants? (Future)

    Pick ONE

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    Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the dotard-in-chief does something else that leaves us all collectively facepalming and asking ourselves, what the fuck? This time, it is his comments to a grieving Army widow that have us shaking our head as a nation.

    U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson died in a deadly ambush in Niger on Oct. 4. It took the president nearly two weeks to reach out to Johnson’s widow, and when he finally did on Tuesday, Local 10 reports Trump told Myeshia Johnson, “He knew what he signed up for … but when it happens it hurts anyway.”

    Imagine being the president of the United States and not having the tact or sensitivity to properly address the pregnant widow of a soldier who died in service to the country you are currently running into the ground with your bullshit. For real, bruh?

    Trump called Mrs. Johnson at 4:45 p.m., shortly before her husband’s remains arrived at Miami International Airport.

    Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Miami Gardens) witnessed Mrs. Johnson, who is the mother of a 2-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter, leaned over the American flag draping her husband’s casket and sobbed uncontrollably.

    Sgt. Johnson, 25, was a former Walmart employee who became a member of the 3rd Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He died during a mission fighting alongside Green Berets. His group was ambushed by 50 Islamic militants using rocket propelled grenades and machine guns. Five Nigerian soldiers also died in the ambush.

    Johnson’s body was not recovered for 48 hours after he died.

    The other three victims of the attack were Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, 35, of Puyallup, Wash.; Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson, 39, of Springboro, Ohio, and Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright, 29, of Lyons, Ga., according to officials with the Department of Defense.

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    The NFL will not be forcing their players to stand during the playing of the National Anthem. In a strange turn of events, commissioner Rodger Goodell backtracked on the subject and now says that the letter he sent to all 32 teams asking that they have their players stand will not be enforced. Instead, the NFL plans to promote “social justice” causes.

    NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart explained on Friday that when Goodell and the team owners meet on Oct. 17-18 in New York they will be discussing the National Anthem protest, but they’ll now be looking to find a way to incorporate the social issues that are of concern to players into the NFL platform, according to the New York Post.

    Previously, it was thought the NFL was going to buckle down and force players to stand by changing league policy.


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    With the start of a new year, people always try to commit to new habits and are overwhelmed by the time needed to complete their new goal. In this thread you can set any amount of books you want to read for the year, as long as you’re reading. The mind is an amazing tool that needs exercise.

    Support your local book shops, libraries, Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Play Store and other places where you can buy books. We always carry phones around and are on them daily so a bit of reading here and there is only a positive use of time.

    To fulfil the 52 Books in 52 weeks goal it’s best to aim for one book a week or more to give yourself room for periods where reading isn’t possible.

    I accomplished 90 books last year reading 2-4 books a week. Keeping track I used a spreadsheet, but stopped updating around the 4 month mark. I’ll drop a spreadsheet in the second post along with other pieces of info.

    Each month to keep this thread active I’ll hold a giveaway for a book of one’s choosing in paperback or official Epub formats.

    If you need a starting point, The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway is a short and wonderfully crafted book. It contains the message of this thread and goal with grace.

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    So here we are. This goes into what I was saying before. Radicals wanting attention and trying to make money off being a victim.

    Rape without touching...

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    after ready the:

    I have a question.
    when does giving back get to point where shit is just too much.

    I offer hear people talk about how they would take care of their people, but IC you never been at the top of the food chain you don't know what you would do.

    but anyway....snoop put this dude on thru his connects. snoop put in alot of people in one way of another. but if they fukk he supposed to stay helping?

    is loyalty equal to how much you help if you the top earner?

    are you obligated to help an keep helping because you got it?
    if you do it out the kindness of your heart niggas won't ever helped enough.

    IC what's your thoughts on helping and giving back.

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  • 05/05/15--11:21: The Travel Thread
  • Post any interesting places that you've been, going or have an interest in visiting.

    Ask any travel related question and hopefully someone who has been will answer with useful tips, etc.

    Happy Travels

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    Eagles' Chris Long Donating Entire 2017 Salary To Youth Education

    Philadelphia Eagles defensive end, Chris Long, has decided to donate his entire 2017 salary to increase educational equality.

    According to ESPN, Long had already given up his first six game checks to provide two scholarships for students in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia.

    His next 10 game checks will go to charitable organizations in Philadelphia, Boston, and St. Louis “whose missions focus on making education easily accessible to underserved youth while also providing students the support they need to develop strong social and emotional character.”

    The veteran defensive end signed a two-year, $4.5 million contract with the Eagles, including a $500,000 signing bonus and $1.5 million guaranteed. His base salary for this season is $1 million.

    "My wife and I have been passionate about education being a gateway for upward mobility and equality," Long told the Associated Press. "I think we can all agree that equity in education can help effect change that we all want to see in this country."

    “In my 10th year, I want to celebrate the awesome opportunity I’ve had to play football by giving back to the communities that have given me that gift,” Long said in a statement. “Educational opportunity and equity are the best gateway to a better tomorrow for everyone in America.”

    "There's a lot of opportunities to help out, and they're wonderful organizations," Long said. "We have such a great platform as football players, and hopefully fans get behind it."

    The four organizations selected by Long's foundations are all based in the three communities in which he has played during his 10-year NFL career (Philly, Boston and St. Louis). The city that raises the most money during the season will receive an additional $50,000 donation.

    A statement on Long's "Pledge 10 For Tomorrow" campaign site reads,

    "I'm encouraging fans, businesses and every person with a desire to join in my pursuit of equal education opportunities for all students to make their own pledge. My goal is that through this campaign my donation will be doubled by those inspired to join the effort -- because together we can accomplish more."


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