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  • 11/01/17--13:47: Last bill you paid?
  • Spotify been trying to get their $9.95 for 2 weeks and I promise you the minute my check hit my account they snatched that shit up. Its not much, but shit had me feeling violated, lurking ass niggas. Anyways, time to spend the rest of my check on the usual


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  • 10/13/17--20:46: Body bag thread

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    You said "I do", and then she says "I don't". But instead of divorcing you, she tries to kill you. That's the bizarre story of what happened to one local man.

    Ramon Sosa married his dream girl, Maria, or so he thought. They were married for six years, but like 50 percent of marriages these days, she wanted a divorce.  Instead of waiting for it to be finalized, Maria took things into her own hands to end it once and for all by hiring a hit man to kill her husband for a small fee of $2,000.

    What Maria didn't know was the man she hired was a friend of Ramon’s and he ratted her out. Ramon then went to Montgomery County deputies and worked with them to take her down. But that meant Ramon had to fake his own murder. Photos show him lying in a grave pretending to die from a gunshot wound to the head by the hitman. The pictures were sent as proof, and then deputies did their work.

    Maria is now serving 20 years in prison for the crime.

    Body bag!

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  • 11/09/17--14:52: Quick idea
  • With all this mass shootings and mental health issues; how do y’all feel about implementing some sort of monitoring system on children at an early age to observe certain types of behavioral actions to quickly diagnose the child before developing. Since most parents, at times, are unaware of how the child behaves and also, at times, refuses to take the child to a mental facility(they also be lazy).This will prevent children from developing severe mental health issues as an early diagnosis can help prevent the child’s development from worsening. Just a thought

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    Example 1: You know Michelle from accounting with the huge jugs n wears a low cut top to show em off? You cant even say she looks nice in the break room because she might go to HR

    Example 2: crybaby rag heads

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    let me set it off like this...


    if you didn't have one of these joints hanging in at least one of your classrooms you're either old and decrepit and possibly dead already or a product of the crack era.

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  • 09/08/12--16:49: The Powerful Pet Thread
  • I noticed that a lot of people had pets in the Summer Pics thread so I decided to make a thread dedicated to the pets of the IC...

    Here's mine. Isis my 13 year old Siberian Husky. To say I love this dog is an understatement. She's the best dog I've ever had.










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    Former NFL wide receiver Michael Irvin had a pro career most would be jealous of, including 12 seasons with the great Dallas Cowboys teams of the 1990s, three Super Bowl rings, and a lot of fun along the way. But to hear him tell it, none of that compared to the three seasons he spent playing college football at The U.

    Irvin was recently a guest on "The Dan Le Batard Show" on AM 790 The Ticket in Miami and was asked when he was the happiest and when he had the most fun playing football. According to Irvin it was at the University of Miami and the reason might surprise some people - It was because he was broke.

    "Oh my god, yes [it was at Miami]," Irvin said. "Let me tell you why, Dan. Being broke, because then it was having all the highs of the moment and not dealing with some of the lows of the moment because you didn't have the people attacking you from a financial standpoint."

    Irvin last played in the NFL in 1999, but as he explained, he still has family members who ask him for money to this day, and now he has to pick and choose whom to help based on whether it is a "front-end" investment or just a "back-end" handout.

    "I gotta get a letter out to all my family members and everybody and say: 'You do know I've been carrying this load since 1988? Can I please get off this wagon?' My brothers and sisters, they're all grown. I'm like: 'You guys are grown.' Now I don't mind, I do what I can for all my nieces and nephews. I consider that to be an investment, what I give to them. But I consider it to be throwing money away now when I give to my brothers and sisters. I'm like: "Hey, this is spending money on the past. You guys, your future is set. An investment is spending money on your kids. Getting your kids into St. Thomas, I'll help you do that.' Because that gives them a future and gets them out my pocket when they're grown. I'd rather spend on the front end than when it is costing me on the back end. So I'm helping the kids early to get them in the right schools, put them in the right situations. That's spending on the front end instead of what I'm doing with my brothers and sisters, giving money, spending on the back end. You never get back-end money back."
    After Irvin's playing days were over, he did start a successful career as an analyst, first at ESPN, and now at the NFL Network. But to him, nothing will ever top playing football at Miami.

    "That's why college was the greatest," Irvin said. "I don't care what anyone says. That's why college was the greatest. When you get to this place, there is a bunch of responsibilities. You have to be putting out fires all the time. You've got to build up the water hose and put out fires. You've got to build up the water hose and put out fires. In college, it's just special, it's a special time, nothing like it."

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  • 11/12/17--20:37: Best Customer Experience
  • What was your best customer experience and why?

    Was it the brand?

    The salesppl/person?

    Let it be known

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    Its high time we start to celebrate our personal accomplishment that made our life better or at least going in the right direction.

    of course you know not to show ya face or personal info but lets be a shinning example of daily, weekly, or monthly Black excellence.

    Whether is the new car, new apartment, promotion at work, new stock you bought, new dog, new big bootied chick or small bootied but cute chick.
    New publication, new podcast, new mention, your punk ass team winner it all and you at the game, your health getting better, your work out progressing like you like, before and after losing or gaining weight, your bank account going up, your dividend payment coming in. bad grades to good, credit to not embarrassing.
    Or even a simple post explain where you were and where you plan on going and how it has gotten better.

    just any thing.

    Lets focus on the growth here.

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  • 07/22/14--16:11: The General Business Thread
  • Alright yall this is a spinoff from the Tax Implications thread that was started by @JonnyRoccIT‌ . I made this thread to help out anybody who has general questions about getting started or going forward, legal matters in business, financing/banks/credit, how to find information, building websites, structure, taxation, business plans/proposals, investing, motivation - anything that has to do with running a business please ask the question here and me or @pralims will answer you promptly.

    Anything that has to do with even supplying apps or anything for that matter that can help someone, anybody, somewhere do something easier or better will be greatly appreciated.

    To kick things off I have put the topics in spoilers to make the O/P organized and easier to browse for mobile users.

    Business Entity/Legal Structures

    Sole Proprietorship

    The simplest structure is the sole proprietorship, which usually involves just one individual who owns and operates the enterprise. If you intend to work alone, this structure may be the way to go. The tax aspects of a sole proprietorship are appealing because the expenses and your income from the business are included on your personal income tax return, Form 1040. Your profits and losses are recorded on a form called Schedule C, which is filed with your 1040. The "bottom-line amount" from Schedule C is then transferred to your personal tax return. This is especially attractive because business losses you suffer may offset the income you have earned from your other sources.

    As a sole proprietor, you must also file a Schedule SE with Form 1040. You use Schedule SE to calculate how much self-employment tax you owe. In addition to paying annual self-employment taxes, you must make estimated tax payments if you expect to owe at least $1,000 in federal taxes for the year after deducting your withholding and credits, and your withholding will be less than the smaller of:

    1) 90 percent of the tax to be shown on your current year tax return or

    2) 100 percent of your previous year's tax liability.

    The federal government permits you to pay estimated taxes in four equal amounts throughout the year on the 15th of April, June, September and January. With a sole proprietorship, your business earnings are taxed only once, unlike other business structures. Another big plus is that you will have complete control over your business--you make all the decisions. There are a few disadvantages to consider, however. Selecting the sole proprietorship business structure means you are personally responsible for your company's liabilities. As a result, you are placing your assets at risk, and they could be seized to satisfy a business debt or a legal claim filed against you.Raising money for a sole proprietorship can also be difficult. Banks and other financing sources may be reluctant to make business loans to sole proprietorships. In most cases, you will have to depend on your financing sources, such as savings,
    home equity or family loans.


    If your business will be owned and operated by several individuals, you'll want to take a look at structuring your business as a partnership. Partnerships come in two varieties: general partnerships and limited partnerships. In a general partnership, the partners manage the company and assume responsibility for the partnership's debts and other obligations. A limited partnership has both general and limited partners. The general partners own and operate the business and assume liability for the partnership, while the limited partners serve as investors only; they have no control over the company and are not subject to the same liabilities as the general partners.

    Unless you expect to have many passive investors, limited partnerships are generally not the best choice for a new business because of all the required filings and administrative complexities. If you have two or more partners who want to be actively involved, a general partnership would be much easier to form.

    One of the major advantages of a partnership is the tax treatment it enjoys. A partnership does not pay tax on its income but "passes through" any profits or losses to the individual partners. At tax time, the partnership must file a tax return (Form 1065) that reports its income and loss to the IRS. In addition, each partner reports his or her share of income and loss on Schedule K-1 of Form 1065.

    Personal liability is a major concern if you use a general partnership to structure your business. Like sole proprietors, general partners are personally liable for the partnership's obligations and debts. Each general partner can act on behalf of the partnership, take out loans and make decisions that will affect and be binding on all the partners (if the partnership agreement permits). Keep in mind that partnerships are also more expensive to establish than sole proprietorships because they require more legal and accounting services.

    The other portion is in the next post

    As for what state is best to incorporate in, it really depends on what type of business you're trying to build. Please PM me and I may be able to assist you.


    For motivation give these books a read:

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


    Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


    @black caesar

    Feel free to post if yall can contribute, anything is plenty.

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    Former President George H.W. Bush’s spokesperson released another statement responding to allegations of sexual assault on Wednesday night, as a second woman said Bush groped her during a photo op.

    “I got sent the Heather Lind story by many people this morning,” actress Jordana Grolnick told Deadspin. “And I’m afraid that mine is entirely similar.”

    Grolnick was referring to an account from Heather Lind, who said that, four years ago, Bush sexually assaulted her during a photo op. “He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side,” Lind said in a since-deleted Instagram post. “He told me a dirty joke. And then, all the while being photographed, touched me again.”

    Grolnick described a similar incident, when Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush went backstage to meet the cast of a play he’d seen, and of which she was a member: “We all circled around him and Barbara for a photo, and I was right next to him,” she told Deadspin. “He reached his right hand around to my behind, and as we smiled for the photo he asked the group, ‘Do you want to know who my favorite magician is?’ As I felt his hand dig into my flesh, he said, ‘David Cop-a-Feel!’”

    The former first lady, Grolnick said, said something like “He’s going to get himself put into jail!” Lind, in her case, said Barbara Bush had said, “Not again.”

    Bush’s spokesperson did not respond to TPM’s questions on Wednesday. He told Deadspin, in his second statement on the matter:

    “At age 93, President Bush has been confined to a wheelchair for roughly five years, so his arm falls on the lower waist of people with whom he takes pictures. To try to put people at ease, the president routinely tells the same joke — and on occasion, he has patted women’s rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner. Some have seen it as innocent; others clearly view it as inappropriate. To anyone he has offended, President Bush apologizes most sincerely.”

    The previous day, the same spokesperson, Jim McGrath, told various outlets: “President Bush would never — under any circumstance — intentionally cause anyone distress, and he most sincerely apologizes if his attempt at humor offended Ms. Lind.”

    Deadspin’s Dave McKenna noted in his report on Grolnick’s allegation that he had found, in previous reporting, two women who had tweeted about Bush making the “David Cop-a-feel” joke on Apr. 4, 2014.



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    A schoolteacher in Tennessee has been placed on leave after videos posted to the internet showed someone in the classroom removing a Muslim student’s headscarf–or, hijab.

    The videos in question were taken at the New Vision Academy Charter School in Nashville.

    The first video was initially posted to Snapchat and captioned, “pretty hair.” The second video was also shared on Snapchat with the caption, “Lol all that hair cover up!!!”

    In each video, the young student can be seen hiding her face as an adult’s hand rips away her religious head covering. The hands of students flock to the girls’ head–apparently touching her without consent repeatedly.

    The videos were apparently shared with multiple people via Snapchat and eventually one of the messaging service’s users forwarded them to the local NBC affiliate, WSMV News 4. The station’s anchors then showed the videos to the girl’s family. Her mother and sister responded, saying, “This should never happen.”

    New Vision Academy’s Principal Dr. Tim Malone was confronted with the videos and immediately began an investigation.

    According to News 4, the teacher first claimed that no videos been made. Later, the teacher said the girl’s hijab was not removed out of disrespect.

    Malone issued a statement, which reads, in part:

    The actions depicted in the Snapchat video do not reflect the values, culture or climate of New Vision Academy. New Vision Academy will continue to emphasize that all staff members act in a way meant to empower and inspire our students. New Vision will use this video as an opportunity to press forward with increasing cultural sensitivity and awareness among all members of the New Vision community.

    News 4 also showed the videos to Kasar Abdulla, a specialist who teaches Muslim diversity and sensitivity training to faculty at Nashville-area schools. She said:

    As a female, and as a mother of three daughters, it should never be okay to rip off an article of clothing off of a female, period. I highly encourage those faculty members in that particular school to take a crash course on why the hijab is so important to some of my students, and why my students cover up.

    The teacher in question was suspended without pay and the students in the classroom at the time have been forced to discuss the incident by New Vision’s administration.

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    On Friday, the Louisiana Supreme Court declined to hear an important appeal involving the constitutional right to counsel. The case involves a man who’d voluntarily agreed to speak with the police. When Warren Demesme realized that the cops suspected him of child rape, he told them, per the trial court transcript, “I know that I didn’t do it, so why don’t you just give me a lawyer dog ‘cause this is not what’s up.” The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that when a suspect asks for an attorney, the interrogation must end and a lawyer must be provided. But the police disregarded Demesme’s request, and the trial court ruled that the statements he subsequently made can be used to convict him.
    Mark Joseph Stern Mark Joseph Stern

    Demesme appealed, arguing that his Fifth and Sixth Amendment right to counsel had been violated. A state appeals court held that they were not, and now the state Supreme Court has declined to review that judgment, with only Justice Jefferson Hughes III voting to take Demesme’s appeal. Justice Scott Crichton penned a brief opinion concurring in the court’s decision not to hear the case. He wrote, apparently in absolute seriousness, that “the defendant’s ambiguous and equivocal reference to a ‘lawyer dog’ does not constitute an invocation of counsel that warrants termination of the interview.”

    Reason’s Ed Krayewski explains that, of course, this assertion is utterly absurd. Demesme was not referring to a dog with a license to practice law, since no such dog exists. Rather, as Krayewski writes, Demesme was plainly speaking in vernacular; his statement would be more accurately transcribed as “why don’t you just give me a lawyer, dawg.” The ambiguity rests in the court transcript, not the suspect’s actual words. Yet Crichton chose to construe Demesme’s statement as requesting Lawyer Dog, Esq., rather than interpreting his words by their plain meaning, transcript ambiguity notwithstanding.

    In doing so, Crichton (and the trial court) may well have run afoul of Davis v. United States, the controlling U.S. Supreme Court precedent on this matter. In Davis, the suspect had told his interrogators: “Maybe I should talk to a lawyer.” No lawyer was provided, the interview continued, and the suspect made incriminating statements that were later used to secure his conviction. The Supreme Court held that none of this violated the Constitution. It reasoned that, in order to invoke his Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights, “the suspect must unambiguously request counsel.” The court elaborated:

    If the suspect's statement is not an unambiguous or unequivocal request for counsel, the officers have no obligation to stop questioning him. … [H]e must articulate his desire to have counsel present sufficiently clearly that a reasonable police officer in the circumstances would understand the statement to be a request for an attorney.

    The constitutional standard, then, is whether “a reasonable police officer in the circumstances” would interpret the suspect’s words as a request for counsel. Demesme’s statement plainly clears this bar. The Davis court was quite explicit that a suspect need not “speak with the discrimination of an Oxford don.” He need only get the point across. Yet because Crichton refused to interpret Demesme’s words as a reasonable police officer surely would, he asserted that no constitutional violation occurred.

    Ironically, Crichton’s musing probably makes this case more vulnerable to U.S. Supreme Court review and reversal. The justice unintentionally illustrated a real problem: Courts can manipulate the 'reasonable police officer' standard to conform to their own syntactic preferences


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    ....... Continuing our information enriched pilgrimage to the Ganjaland..

    My Everclear Extraction Hash Recipe


    You'll Need:

    Everclear [a good substitute for this is 99% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.. but it won't taste as good for reasons i'm still unclear on..]
    2 Mason Jars w/ Lids
    1 Metal Mesh Coffee Filter [Cone Shaped]
    1 Spoon
    1 Pyrex Dish/Plate
    3 Or More Grams Of Stem/Seed Free Shake

    The THC molecule consists of over 300 smaller building blocks that fall into a number of groups.. The most interesting of these are cannabinoids & what are known as CBD's. The cannabinoids possess psychoactive properties while the CBD's possess the therapeutically beneficial aspects. & Somewhere in the mists of these divine gifts lurk shadowy agents that act as inhibitors to keep you from experiencing the total effects of that particular strain. The following process is one of a handful of ways to extract & isolate the psychoactive effects from the restraints of inhibition.. In layman's terms, if you take your time & do this right, it's gonna fuck your silly ass up..

    Step 1: 1st, clean every stem, seed & superfluous particle of debris from the shake you plan on using.. Remember that [much like life] you get out of it what you put in.. Next... Freeze your everclear, weed shake & mason jars for 4 hours before you begin because cold is the key to separating the tricombs [thc resin glands] from the plant matter. When you're ready to begin, take your everclear, weed shake, & 1 mason jar out of the freezer & set a timer for 4 minutes & 45 seconds.. Pour the shake into your mason jar, add just enough everclear to cover top of the shake, & then screw the lid back on tightly. Press start on your count down timer & begin to swirl the mixture in a washing machine style, as opposed to shaking the jar randomly, until the time is up.

    Step 2: Grab the 2nd mason jar from the freezer, open it, & set the coffee filter within the mouth of the jar. Then, with one hand holding the filter in place & the other gripping the jar containing the weed/everclear mixture, carefully pour the contents slowly so that all land within the mesh filter. Sitting the 1st jar to the side & grabbing your spoon, you want to quickly strain the excess liquid from the soggy shake. If you watch closely, you'll notice a greenish color in the last of the liquid that you've strained. That is gonna be the chlorophyll which has been dissolved by the water in the alcohol.. This reaction takes place after 5 minutes of plant matter/alcohol contact. We want as little chlorophyll in our hash as possible so stop straining immediately when you detect it. Close your 2nd mason jar's lid tightly & place it back into the freezer for 20 minutes.


    Step 3: Take the 2nd jar from the freezer & swirl it's contents around to loosen the tricomb mud from the bottom of the jar & pour it into the pyrex dish. Let it dry in a lint/dust free area until all liquid is gone & the dish's remaining contents have air dried for 2 hours.. When this method has been mastered, your hash should come out perfectly golden.


    Step 4: Heat enough water to fill the bottom of a shallow pan a few centimeters & then sit the dish containing the hash in the water. After about 30 seconds, the hash should easily scrape up with a razor blade & can be smoked in a joint or pressed into a solid piece to be later sliced off in chunks for smoking through bongs or pipes..

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    A white student who bragged about harassing her black roommate by rubbing used tampons on her bag, pouring moldy clam dip in her lotion and putting her toothbrush inside her rectum has been arrested.

    Brianna Brochu, a freshman at the University of Hartford, posted on Instagram about how she "finally got rid of her roommate," who she referred to as "Jamaican Barbie."

    Tonight, the university confirmed they have arrested Brochu, calling the reports "disturbing."

    Chennel "Jazzy" Rowe, the freshman roommate of Brochu, revealed the shocking allegations in a Facebook video.

    In it, she describes "getting sick" while being given the cold shoulder by the roommate.

    "It started with throat pain," she explained. "I thought maybe because it’s colder up here, I’m just catching a cold. After a month it got to the point where I had extreme throat pain that I couldn’t sleep, to the point where I couldn’t speak."

    "I'm spending my own money that my parents give me for food and groceries, the health centre on campus is not free – in fact they're expensive." In the post, Jazzy explained that her tests would come back negative. She was prescribed antibiotics by the campus doctor for the bacteria in her throat.

    Then, after a rocky relationship between the two persisted (Rowe says in her video how Brochu would come into their room and turn off the lights if Rowe was working there), she decided to move out.

    As she was leaving, Rowe discovered Instagram posts by her roommate, who boasted about messing with her to make her ill.

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    Some would call it true love.

    Others will say it is as scamming.

    Whatever the case, Dakima Williams is looking at jail time and is out of a job.

    The scam was pretty simple, Williams was putting her younger boyfriend’s info on the customer’s account and then sending him a debit card.

    He would take the new debit and withdraw all of the money, but of course they were easily caught because they took so much money it became noticeable to the customers.

    Flip the page for the news report video of the scammers…

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