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    A nightly news program in Atlanta closed out coverage of the city's mayoral vote on Tuesday night, December 5, by addressing questions as to whether race wound up becoming an issue in the election. And with the support of her colleagues, one anchor was given the floor to reveal how a letter from a hateful viewer exemplifies how she has personally been forced to deal with racism throughout the hotly contested race.

    Shortly after the inquiry was brought up for discussion, Emmy nominated newswoman Sharon Reed turned to a camera off to the side of the CBS 46 studio and called for an email she has been holding onto to be brought to the screen for viewers. "You what's wrong with the world. You need to be fired for the race baiting comment you made tonight. It's OK for blacks to discuss certain subjects but not whites, really? You are what I call a N****r not a black person," the message, from a woman who identified herself as Kathy Rae, read.

    Emotions around Atlanta were on high for many, as Democratic candidate Keisha Lance Bottoms was well on her way to carrying forth the streak of African-Americans who've filled the office since 1973. Reed started off her on-air response by objecting to the notion that the statements Rae took exception to and characterized as "race baiting" were at all intended to shut white people down. "Quite the contrary, we think that race is an authentic discussion to have. It's one we're having tonight because it's one that you are talking about at home and it's one that has clearly entered the Atlanta mayor's race," she said.

    After clearing her name, Reed then narrowed the focus of her reply onto Rae, specifically - although, she was sure to point out that Rae's message did all of the talking for her, as it concerned the topic of racial tensions surrounding the divisive political atmosphere.

    "When arguing with somebody you have to be careful not to mischaracterize their viewpoint, so I won't mischaracterize your view either, Kathy Rae. I get it. On 5 December 2017, you think it's OK to call this journalist a 'n****r'. I don't," said Reed. "I could clap back and say a few things to you. But instead I'll let your words, Kathy Rae, speak for themselves. And that will be the last word."

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  • 12/06/17--21:14: Sounds About White
  • I was in court this morning

    step out in the hall to talk to my lawyer

    come back in & dude that was sittin next to me was in front of the judge pleadin guilty to... criminal exposure to hiv

    & sentenced to...



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  • 12/02/17--14:13: Them Massage Joints
  • Anybody ever stop by one of them shits? They any good?

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    I'm in school and need a paper to copy off of or turn in anybody know any good sites??

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    With the start of a new year, people always try to commit to new habits and are overwhelmed by the time needed to complete their new goal. In this thread you can set any amount of books you want to read for the year, as long as you’re reading. The mind is an amazing tool that needs exercise.

    Support your local book shops, libraries, Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Play Store and other places where you can buy books. We always carry phones around and are on them daily so a bit of reading here and there is only a positive use of time.

    To fulfil the 52 Books in 52 weeks goal it’s best to aim for one book a week or more to give yourself room for periods where reading isn’t possible.

    I accomplished 90 books last year reading 2-4 books a week. Keeping track I used a spreadsheet, but stopped updating around the 4 month mark. I’ll drop a spreadsheet in the second post along with other pieces of info.

    Each month to keep this thread active I’ll hold a giveaway for a book of one’s choosing in paperback or official Epub formats.

    If you need a starting point, The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway is a short and wonderfully crafted book. It contains the message of this thread and goal with grace.

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  • 12/06/17--19:37: How soon...
  • Can you go raw after ya girl gets an abortion? Like is there a creampie with no consequence period?

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    So this story has been all over the internet about Nateslife a YouTuber who is dating a chick named Michaela mendez getting smashed by two guys on video .



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    The story:

    The outlet reports that her cause of death is currently unknown, but friends suspect it was a suicide, as Ames was prone to depression.

    Law enforcement sources said she was pronounced dead at the scene, and there was no indication of foul play.

    "She was the kindest person I ever knew and she meant the world to me," her husband, director Kevin Moore, told industry trade magazine Adult Video News (AVN), which first reported news of her death. "Please leave this as a private family matter in this difficult time."

    Ames was born Mercedes Grabowski in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1994, and worked in a bar and at a tanning salon before joining the adult film industry in 2013, according to AVN.

    Throughout her four years in the business, she appeared in more than 270 X-rated films for companies like Evil Angel, Smash Pictures and Lethal Hardcore.

    Her popularity had risen steadily since she nabbed a nomination for Best New Starlet at the 2015 AVN Awards; she scored a nomination for Female Performer of the Year in 2016, 2017 and the upcoming 2018 Awards, set for January.

    She also had a large social media following, though friends tell The Blast her prominent online presence may have contributed to her death.

    Ames's Twitter feed was littered in recent days with cyberbullies accusing her of being homophobic after she publicly chose not to work with an unidentified actor who had previously shot gay porn

    The B.S.:
    The only scene I know her from:

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    North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager uses "Jeff Sessions" defense

    A week before sentencing, CBS News has obtained a memorandum submitted to the court by the attorneys representing former North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager. In their argument for a lighter sentence the defense attorneys, Andy Savage and Donald McCune, say Slager did not lie about his conduct that day and they compare Slager's apparent memory loss to that of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, CBS News' Jeff Pegues reports.

    Slager is scheduled to be sentenced next Monday, and one of the elements of the case being considered by the judge is whether he lied about his conduct and concocted a story about being attacked by Walter Scott. Scott, who was black, was shot and killed by the white police officer after a traffic stop in April 2015. In video captured by a bystander, Scott is seen running away from Slager who fired eight shots at his back.

    Slager's attorneys claim expert testimony supports their assertion that memory formation, retention, and recall is affected by many factors. According to the memo, "In a danger, fear, or fight or flight situation, the chemistry affecting the brain that helps us survive also disrupts the memory…"

    The defense attorneys argue that "memory is not static, and memory created under stress has many holes." The holes, they argue, are eventually filled in when outside information is incorporated with the help of having someone "fill in the blanks."

    That is when Savage and McCune present their comparison to Sessions, highlighting the attorney general's testimony earlier this month, when he could not recall the Trump campaign's contacts with Russian operatives.

    "As Sessions made clear in his statement, a failure to recall, or an inaccurate recollection, does not a liar make," they wrote in their brief. Screenshots of the excerpts are below:




    State prosecutors failed to win a conviction -- the jury in the case deadlocked -- but Slager pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights charge earlier this year. Slager is to be sentenced on December 4. Legal experts are saying the sentence could range from five to 20 years.



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    A teenage girl was shot and killed Monday by her 27-year-old boyfriend — who reportedly also fathered three children with the teen’s sister — before the man crashed the car the couple was riding in, police said.

    Evalyce Santiago, 16, was found in the passenger seat of a flaming car with three gunshot wounds to her head and hands, FOX61 reported. The car crashed into the yard of a Waterbury, Conn. home about 10 a.m. Monday.

    Dominique Pittman, 27, is accused of shooting Santiago and escaping the vehicle before it burst into flames. Police found Pittman “visibly shaken” and suffering from “some bumps and bruises,” Waterbury Police Deputy Chief Spagnolo told WFSB.

    Police are investigating the relationship between Santiago and Pittman. The age of consent in Connecticut is 16, but it’s unclear when their relationship began. Francisco Rivera, Santiago’s adoptive father, told WFSB that Pittman was also the father of three children with his other daughter.

    "He was my son in law. I just want the truth," Rivera said. "He was dating my daughter and he has three kids with my other daughter."

    Christy Rivera, Santiago’s aunt, said at a vigil being held for the teenage girl she wished she could bring her back.

    "To have all this happen and not even say 'Goodbye' or 'I love you' to her again, it just hurts," she said. "I hope she's looking down at me right now and knows that I really love her, and I wish she was here with us today."

    Pittman was charged with murder and various weapons violations. He's being held on $1 million bond and is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

    A GoFundMe was created to cover funeral and burial expenses for Santiago.



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    ABC: Newly Released Footage Shows Sessions Sparring With DOJ Interns

    Video published Thursday by ABC News of a Q&A between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Justice Department interns shows Sessions arguing for conservative positions on policing, the enforcement of drug laws, gun access and other policy areas.

    In one exchange, Sessions told an intern — who had named young black men killed by police officers and said that some people feared the the police more than their neighbors — “That may be the view in Berkeley, but it’s not the view in most places in the country. I’m just telling you.”

    “We need to confront violent crime in America,” he continued. “And cities that have abandoned traditional police activities like Baltimore and Chicago, murder rates have surged, particularly in poor neighborhoods.”

    ABC News published video of the June 22 “Summer Intern Lecture Series” after a public records request, the network said. The published footage shows DoJ interns taking a sometimes combative stance toward their boss, and Sessions responding in kind.

    “The Second Amendment, you’re aware of that?” Sessions told one intern who asked why he favored stricter controls on marijuana than guns.

    “Dr. Whatever Your Name Is, you can write the [American Medical Association] and see why they think otherwise,” he added later, referring to the intern’s opinion of marijuana’s health effects.

    On legal drugs, though, the attorney general was more lax. When an intern asked what Sessions would do about the role pharmaceutical companies and doctors play in the opioid crisis, Sessions didn’t mention any law enforcement remedies.

    “We need doctors to get better informed,” he said. “We need to pharmacies and hospitals to be more careful with containing the sale of those drugs.”


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  • 09/08/12--16:49: The Powerful Pet Thread
  • I noticed that a lot of people had pets in the Summer Pics thread so I decided to make a thread dedicated to the pets of the IC...

    Here's mine. Isis my 13 year old Siberian Husky. To say I love this dog is an understatement. She's the best dog I've ever had.










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    I don't think this thread has been made yet this year, so... What type of pornographic subject matter do you like the most?

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    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People released a statement today denouncing Donald Trump’s visit to the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum on Saturday, justifying their attack by saying the president’s record on civil rights has “been abysmal.”

    The president and CEO of the NAACP Derrick Johnson released the following statement in response to the White House’s announcement that Trump will be attending the opening ceremonies:

    President Trump’s statements and policies regarding the protection and enforcement of civil rights have been abysmal and his attendance is an affront to the veterans of the civil rights movement. He has created a commission to reinforce voter suppression, refused to denounced white supremacists, and overall, has created a racially hostile climate in this nation.”

    The specific issues Johnson references include Trump’s widely criticized response to the Charlottesville, Virginia racist rally, in which he blamed violence on “many sides” — despite a white supremacist killing a woman.

    During today’s briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to these objections, saying, “I think that would be honestly very sad. I think this is this is something that should bring the country together to celebrate the opening of this museum and highlighting the civil rights movement and the progress that we’ve made.”

    Additionally, Dr. Amos Brown — an NAACP board member — hit Trump with even harsher terms than Johnson.

    “As a freedom fighter and contemporary of Emmett Till, Trump’s visit is an insult. He has never been a supporter of civil rights or equal opportunity or justice. He’s been silent on civil rights issues, and his silence speaks volumes,” said Brown.



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    WaPo: Woman Accuses Roy Moore Of Sexual Encounter When She Was 14

    An Alabama woman accused the state’s Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore of initiating a sexual encounter with her when she was 14 years old and he was 32, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

    Leigh Corfman told the Washington Post that Moore asked her for her phone number in 1979, when she was 14 years old, as she sat outside a courtroom while her mother was inside for a hearing.

    Days later, Corfman said, Moore drove her to his home, complimented her appearance, and kissed her. During a second visit to Moore’s home, Corfman told the Washington Post, Moore removed his and her clothes, touched her over her underwear, and guided her hand to do the same over his “tight white” undergarments.

    Corfman told the Washington Post, “I wasn’t ready for that — I had never put my hand on a man’s penis, much less an erect one.”

    “I wanted it over with — I wanted out,” Corfman told the Washington Post. She said she was thinking, “Please just get this over with. Whatever this is, just get it over.”

    Corfman told the Washington Post that she and Moore did not have intercourse, and that after she dressed, she asked Moore to take her home, and he did.

    The age of consent in Alabama is 16 years of age.

    The Washington Post reported that two of Corfman’s childhood friends said she told them she was involved with an older man, and one said Corfman identified Moore in particular.

    Nancy Wells, Corfman’s mother, told the Washington Post that Corfman told her about the encounter more than a decade later.

    The Washington Post reported that three other women said Moore pursued them when he was in his early 30s and they were in their teens, between the ages of 16 and 18, but none of them said Moore coerced them into sexual encounters.

    Wendy Miller told the Washington Post that Moore first approached her when she was 14 years old, and asked her on dates when she was 16 years old. Her mother squashed the latter, according to Miller.

    Debbie Wesson Gibson told the Washington Post that Moore asked her out when she was 17 years old and that they went on several dates but their physical involvement was limited to kissing.

    Gloria Thacker Deason told the Washington Post that Moore began taking her on dates that involved alcohol when she was 18 years old. The legal drinking age in Alabama, according to the Washington Post, was 19 years of age.

    Moore denied the claims in the report.

    “These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign,” Moore said in a statement to the Washington Post.

    In a statement to reporters, Moore’s campaign called the allegations a “last ditch Hail Mary” by “national liberal organizations.”

    The campaign noted that the Washington Post’s editorial board endorsed Democratic candidate Doug Jones and claimed the Washington Post has “engaged in a systematic campaign to distort the truth about the Judge’s record and career and derail his campaign” for months.

    “In fact, just two days ago, the Foundation for Moral Law sent a retraction demand to the Post for the false stories they wrote about the Judge’s work and compensation,” the campaign said. “After over 40 years of public service, if any of these allegations were true, they would have been made public long before now.”

    Moore has a long history of controversial comments, many related to sexuality. In 2005, he said homosexual activity should be illegal and compared it to bestiality. In November 2016, he said a Supreme Court ruling that required states to license and recognize same-sex marriage was “even worse in a sense” than Dred Scott.

    In October, he said that the federal judge who blocked President Donald Trump’s policy that would have excluded transgender people from military service “should be impeached,” and incorrectly claimed the American Psychiatric Association considered “transgenderism to be a mental disorder” until 2013.

    Elected Republicans have nevertheless embraced him for his party affiliation.

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    IC alumni Akademiks uncomfortable

    The Migos actin like they about to fight

    White guy blinking

    Kid not giving a fuck

    Racist gets sucker-punched

    Lavar Ball WWE entrance

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    This spot called the Tuscan Market located north of Boston, the food was on point!
    Yall share your recent culinary experiences here.

    You're welcome

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  • 07/22/14--16:11: The General Business Thread
  • Alright yall this is a spinoff from the Tax Implications thread that was started by @JonnyRoccIT‌ . I made this thread to help out anybody who has general questions about getting started or going forward, legal matters in business, financing/banks/credit, how to find information, building websites, structure, taxation, business plans/proposals, investing, motivation - anything that has to do with running a business please ask the question here and me or @pralims will answer you promptly.

    Anything that has to do with even supplying apps or anything for that matter that can help someone, anybody, somewhere do something easier or better will be greatly appreciated.

    To kick things off I have put the topics in spoilers to make the O/P organized and easier to browse for mobile users.

    Business Entity/Legal Structures

    Sole Proprietorship

    The simplest structure is the sole proprietorship, which usually involves just one individual who owns and operates the enterprise. If you intend to work alone, this structure may be the way to go. The tax aspects of a sole proprietorship are appealing because the expenses and your income from the business are included on your personal income tax return, Form 1040. Your profits and losses are recorded on a form called Schedule C, which is filed with your 1040. The "bottom-line amount" from Schedule C is then transferred to your personal tax return. This is especially attractive because business losses you suffer may offset the income you have earned from your other sources.

    As a sole proprietor, you must also file a Schedule SE with Form 1040. You use Schedule SE to calculate how much self-employment tax you owe. In addition to paying annual self-employment taxes, you must make estimated tax payments if you expect to owe at least $1,000 in federal taxes for the year after deducting your withholding and credits, and your withholding will be less than the smaller of:

    1) 90 percent of the tax to be shown on your current year tax return or

    2) 100 percent of your previous year's tax liability.

    The federal government permits you to pay estimated taxes in four equal amounts throughout the year on the 15th of April, June, September and January. With a sole proprietorship, your business earnings are taxed only once, unlike other business structures. Another big plus is that you will have complete control over your business--you make all the decisions. There are a few disadvantages to consider, however. Selecting the sole proprietorship business structure means you are personally responsible for your company's liabilities. As a result, you are placing your assets at risk, and they could be seized to satisfy a business debt or a legal claim filed against you.Raising money for a sole proprietorship can also be difficult. Banks and other financing sources may be reluctant to make business loans to sole proprietorships. In most cases, you will have to depend on your financing sources, such as savings,
    home equity or family loans.


    If your business will be owned and operated by several individuals, you'll want to take a look at structuring your business as a partnership. Partnerships come in two varieties: general partnerships and limited partnerships. In a general partnership, the partners manage the company and assume responsibility for the partnership's debts and other obligations. A limited partnership has both general and limited partners. The general partners own and operate the business and assume liability for the partnership, while the limited partners serve as investors only; they have no control over the company and are not subject to the same liabilities as the general partners.

    Unless you expect to have many passive investors, limited partnerships are generally not the best choice for a new business because of all the required filings and administrative complexities. If you have two or more partners who want to be actively involved, a general partnership would be much easier to form.

    One of the major advantages of a partnership is the tax treatment it enjoys. A partnership does not pay tax on its income but "passes through" any profits or losses to the individual partners. At tax time, the partnership must file a tax return (Form 1065) that reports its income and loss to the IRS. In addition, each partner reports his or her share of income and loss on Schedule K-1 of Form 1065.

    Personal liability is a major concern if you use a general partnership to structure your business. Like sole proprietors, general partners are personally liable for the partnership's obligations and debts. Each general partner can act on behalf of the partnership, take out loans and make decisions that will affect and be binding on all the partners (if the partnership agreement permits). Keep in mind that partnerships are also more expensive to establish than sole proprietorships because they require more legal and accounting services.

    The other portion is in the next post

    As for what state is best to incorporate in, it really depends on what type of business you're trying to build. Please PM me and I may be able to assist you.


    For motivation give these books a read:

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


    Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


    @black caesar

    Feel free to post if yall can contribute, anything is plenty.

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