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    A woman who filmed a topless mother hanging out of a car window before she hit her head on a road sign and died has been detained by police on suspicion of drink driving.

    Natalia Borodina, 35, was filmed hanging topless out of a window during a holiday in the Dominican Republic.

    Police have now identified the road sign that killed Ms Borodina and detained her 32-year-old companion Ivanna Boirachuk, from Ukraine.

    Tyre marks evidently show the dented red Kia Picanto car butted the yellow kerb at the moment of the tragic accident.

    Ms Boirachuk used her mobile to film her friend letting her upper body hang out of the passenger side car window as they drove back from the beach near Punta Cana.

    Ms Borodina playfully stuck her finger in her mouth and laughed at the camera, but within seconds, the video shows the impact.

    She was rushed to hospital but died of severe injuries.

    'The woman was having fun demonstrating her naked breasts while her companion drove the car,' reported Moskovsky Komsomolets.

    The newspaper cited tourist experts saying 95 per cent of Russian deaths abroad were due to tourists' 'own stupidity' and not the result of terrorism or natural disasters.

    Grieving friends of Ms Borodina - who lived in Cannes - have angrily denied reports in Russia that she worked as an escort, calling her a 'caring daughter and good mother' to her 11 year old son.

    Now the bereft family say they cannot afford the cost -- reported to be £15,000 -- of repatriating her body for burial in Russia, and admit Ms Borodina did not have insurance when she flew on holiday to the Dominican republic.

    Natalia's friend Elena Korolyova said the dead woman did not deserve to be judged by her reckless behaviour that led to her death.

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    Tesla Motors fired hundreds of workers after completing its annual performance reviews, even though the electric automaker is trying to ramp up production to meet the demand for its new Model 3 sedan.

    The Palo Alto, California-based company confirmed the cuts in a Saturday statement, but didn't disclose how many of its 33,000 workers were jettisoned. The San Jose Mercury News interviewed multiple former and current Tesla employees who estimated 400 to 700 workers lost their jobs.

    The housecleaning swept out workers in administrative and sales jobs, in addition to Tesla's manufacturing operations.

    An unspecified number of workers received bonuses and promotions following their reviews, according to the company.

    Tesla is under pressure to deliver its Model 3 sedan to a waiting list of more than 450,000 customers. The company so far has been lagging its own production targets after making just 260 of the vehicles in its last quarter.

    Including other models, Tesla expects to make about 100,000 cars this year. CEO Elon Musk is aiming to increase production by five-fold next year, a goal that probably will have to be met to support Tesla's market value of $59 billion — more than Ford Motor Co.

    Unlike Ford, Tesla still hasn't posted an annual profit yet.

    Despite the mass firings, Tesla is still looking to hire hundreds more workers.

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    I finally was able to locate my dad...biological one (feel free to move this thread ion give a fuck)

    anywho so I found my dad in the prison he is in which is not too far from me on top of us communicating now he is getting released on the 26th of this month

    they released him early based on the fact of us reuniting and his good behavior

    so all in all he has been locked up since I was about 5 or 6 and I'm FINALLY getting a chance to meet him 2 weeks....

    iono if I shud be ratchet crazy classy quiet mean kind of nervous kind of irritated all over the damn place but all in all I'm pretty excited...I wud show u guys a pic but yall do too damn much...

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    A firm offering X-rated holidays has brazenly advertised packages featuring orgies with prostitutes on a ' drug friendly' Colombian island.

    Two videos advertising the resort show men arriving for unlimited sex, drugs and alcohol.

    One erotic video promoting the trips - described as a 'sex island experience' - shows a man arriving at a villa, where he is greeted by scantily clad girls.

    Another shows a balding man walking into his room to discover four naked women lying face down on his bed.

    It also shows dozens of bikini-clad models gyrating on a boat, while a caption on the screen boasts: 'Unlimited sex included'.

    On the second day of the four-day sex fest clients will have half an hour with 16 women at once - and organisers say customers will be able to find their 'true self'.

    The holidays are offered by a group named the Good Girls Company, which is advertising a trip between November 24 and 27.

    Other scenes in the video include a man eating a meal off the naked body of a female star, while a woman also features in a fetish version of a French maid's outfit.

    On its website, the firm says clients will be able to 'live life as you always imagined', and describes it as 'a discreet and beautiful environment for men to fulfill their wildest fantasies'.

    Sixty prostitutes will compete for the attention of 30 men on the trip, the company has revealed.

    The Good Girls Company explained on social media: "We will have 60 hot women serving 30 clients; there will be two women for each of them (available) 24 hours a day. The price includes all meals these days."

    The "sex island" is off the coast of Cartagena on the north coast of Colombia.

    An itinerary for the holiday tells prospective tourists that there will be a sex session on the first day in which any customer can participate.

    The following day offers each client half an hour with 16 girls at once, while the third and fourth days feature parties on a luxury yacht for 100 people, complete with DJ.

    Although prostitution is not illegal in Colombia, pimping is a crime, a law services advertised in the video would seem to fall foul of.

    Add-ons advertised on the group's website include erotic massages and threesomes, as well as horse riding and golf for those who don't want to spend all their time in the bedroom.

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  • 12/31/16--20:54: 2017 bucket list
  • ok, let's try this again.

    you set goals to accomplish this year and we will see how things panned out thruout and at the end of the year.

    me first,

    1. learn Spanish fluently
    2. start the process of buying a condo in Monaco
    3. paying off my last bit I owe for buying a business
    4. put actual quality time to my foundation
    5. build a global network
    6. be a better husband than I already am
    7. spoil my wife more
    8. hopefully final get my scuba cert
    9. learn a very sensual bachata
    10. learn a very sensual rhumba
    11. hit the DR at least once a month
    12. final hit the million mile mark with American airline
    13. take my wife to South America
    14. catch the day of the dead celebration in Mexico city
    15. take niece to Disneyland tokyo

    that's off the top...will add more later
    now y'all turn

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    What is RISE?

    RISE is produced by the team behind Web Summit. In 6 short years, Web Summit has become Europe’s largest tech conference which last year attracted 53,000 attendees from 136 countries around the world.

    In July 2018, people from the world’s biggest companies and most exciting startups will come to Hong Kong to share their stories and experiences. They’ll be joined by major global media, hundreds of investors and thousands of attendees for three days of legendary networking.

    Techstars Startup Week is a celebration of entrepreneurs in cities around the globe.

    Entrepreneurs Cruise 2018 is your chance to …

    Hear from the most audacious and provocative speakers in the digital marketing industry.
    Gain insight into emerging strategies, the latest innovative technologies, and best practices.
    Network with thought leaders, build your network and collaborate with your peers.

    The best startup conferences to attend in 2017-2018

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  • 10/15/17--07:17: Tattoos & Copyright Laws
  • 1yqihjsurkwg.png

    VICE: So can you copyright a tattoo?
    Jeremy S. Goldman: Copyright separates the physical output of an artist from the right to the art itself. When an artist makes and sells a painting, that gives the person who bought it the right to the art itself, but doesn't usually give them the right to commercialize it and put it in a movie or commercial or something.

    Copyright exists when you have an original work of authorship in a fixed medium of expression. The question becomes, is the human body a fixed medium of expression? There's no question a canvas or photograph is. Most people think, and at least one court has determined, that the body can be considered a fixed medium. Therefore, tattoos are subject to copyright protection. And since the person who creates the tattoo and puts it on somebody's body is generally the tattoo artist, that artist, by default, owns the copyright.

    So what rights does a tattoo artist have to the ink on a client's skin?
    My opinion as a lawyer, and where I think courts would come out on a lot of this stuff, is that when a tattoo artist gives somebody a tattoo, it is accompanied by a very broad implied license. That's certainly going to include the rights for that person to appear in public, to presumably appear on television, to go about their life as they would normally live it, and to display their body as their body would otherwise be displayed. I think that's almost certain. But then the question becomes what about when you make use beyond that? For example, uses where a tattoo is separate from a body. Does the implied license cover that?

    So where do things get murky?
    A good example is Whitmill vs. Warner Brothers, a case dealing with the plot of The Hangover Part II, where Ed Helms's character wakes up with Mike Tyson's tattoo on his face. The tattoo artist for Mike Tyson sued Warner Brothers, and in fact tried to get a preliminary injunction to stop the film from being distributed. The case ended up settling, but before the case was settled, the judge did seem to think that the tattoo artist had a pretty good chance of winning on some sort of copyright infringement claim. This wasn't a question of Mike Tyson being in the film. This was about using the tattoo—completely detached from Mike Tyson's skin—and putting it on another person.

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    An artificial intelligence tool that has revolutionised the ability of computers to interpret everyday language has been shown to exhibit striking gender and racial biases.

    The findings raise the spectre of existing social inequalities and prejudices being reinforced in new and unpredictable ways as an increasing number of decisions affecting our everyday lives are ceded to automatons.

    In the past few years, the ability of programs such as Google Translate to interpret language has improved dramatically. These gains have been thanks to new machine learning techniques and the availability of vast amounts of online text data, on which the algorithms can be trained.

    However, as machines are getting closer to acquiring human-like language abilities, they are also absorbing the deeply ingrained biases concealed within the patterns of language use, the latest research reveals.

    Joanna Bryson, a computer scientist at the University of Bath and a co-author, said: “A lot of people are saying this is showing that AI is prejudiced. No. This is showing we’re prejudiced and that AI is learning it.”

    But Bryson warned that AI has the potential to reinforce existing biases because, unlike humans, algorithms may be unequipped to consciously counteract learned biases. “A danger would be if you had an AI system that didn’t have an explicit part that was driven by moral ideas, that would be bad,” she said.

    The research, published in the journal Science, focuses on a machine learning tool known as “word embedding”, which is already transforming the way computers interpret speech and text. Some argue that the natural next step for the technology may involve machines developing human-like abilities such as common sense and logic.

    “A major reason we chose to study word embeddings is that they have been spectacularly successful in the last few years in helping computers make sense of language,” said Arvind Narayanan, a computer scientist at Princeton University and the paper’s senior author.

    The approach, which is already used in web search and machine translation, works by building up a mathematical representation of language, in which the meaning of a word is distilled into a series of numbers (known as a word vector) based on which other words most frequently appear alongside it. Perhaps surprisingly, this purely statistical approach appears to capture the rich cultural and social context of what a word means in the way that a dictionary definition would be incapable of.

    For instance, in the mathematical “language space”, words for flowers are clustered closer to words linked to pleasantness, while words for insects are closer to words linked to unpleasantness, reflecting common views on the relative merits of insects versus flowers.

    The latest paper shows that some more troubling implicit biases seen in human psychology experiments are also readily acquired by algorithms. The words “female” and “woman” were more closely associated with arts and humanities occupations and with the home, while “male” and “man” were closer to maths and engineering professions.

    And the AI system was more likely to associate European American names with pleasant words such as “gift” or “happy”, while African American names were more commonly associated with unpleasant words.

    The findings suggest that algorithms have acquired the same biases that lead people (in the UK and US, at least) to match pleasant words and white faces in implicit association tests.

    These biases can have a profound impact on human behaviour. One previous study showed that an identical CV is 50% more likely to result in an interview invitation if the candidate’s name is European American than if it is African American. The latest results suggest that algorithms, unless explicitly programmed to address this, will be riddled with the same social prejudices.

    “If you didn’t believe that there was racism associated with people’s names, this shows it’s there,” said Bryson.

    The machine learning tool used in the study was trained on a dataset known as the “common crawl” corpus – a list of 840bn words that have been taken as they appear from material published online. Similar results were found when the same tools were trained on data from Google News.

    Sandra Wachter, a researcher in data ethics and algorithms at the University of Oxford, said: “The world is biased, the historical data is biased, hence it is not surprising that we receive biased results.”

    Rather than algorithms representing a threat, they could present an opportunity to address bias and counteract it where appropriate, she added.

    “At least with algorithms, we can potentially know when the algorithm is biased,” she said. “Humans, for example, could lie about the reasons they did not hire someone. In contrast, we do not expect algorithms to lie or deceive us.”

    However, Wachter said the question of how to eliminate inappropriate bias from algorithms designed to understand language, without stripping away their powers of interpretation, would be challenging.

    “We can, in principle, build systems that detect biased decision-making, and then act on it,” said Wachter, who along with others has called for an AI watchdog to be established. “This is a very complicated task, but it is a responsibility that we as society should not shy away from.”

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    He should have beat his friends asses within an inch of their lives.

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    Alright, so after about 11 years being in and with 7 months left in my contract.. I’m actually thinking if this is the time to go. Wifey kinda pushing for me to get out. A lot because of how things have gone and the threat of a war. Normally I’d go all in with the “it’ll be ok” response but these days I don’t blame her. Along with the fact that I’m kinda at a place where I want something new.

    The security of being in the military is what’s the major thing. The insurance, overall benefits kinda spoil you. Especially when you got a family. I got a couple of things in mind. Taking classes to become an insurance agent. Maybe get her uncle to help me out in becoming a cop in Fredricksberg, VA (not something I wanna do forever) while I go to school. It’s just a big ass step.

    Anyone been in this situation?

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  • 10/11/17--22:11: Are Blind People Racist?
  • image

    Wow they racist af nq6830xywxl1.png

    Even when they can't see your ass lmao

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    Recently there was an article where I called some chick a nagging mom. At the time I was being silly but after really thinking about's incredibly accurate.

    For my entire life any time I and the rest of the world really loved something there was a woman trying to take it away or change it.

    For starters: C. Dolores Tucker and her activism against Gangsta Rap in 1993

    Then a Wall Street Journal article (penned by a woman) denouncing popular anime show Dragon Ball Z in the mid to late 90s.

    Parents Councils, though led by a man...technically, tried to take down the WWF in the late 90s. The loudest voices were women.

    Women were roundly anti-football, proclaiming the game too dangerous and refused to let their boys play.

    #Gamergate began in 2013-2014 led by women who wanted to "end sexism" and "promote inclusion" in video game culture.

    And today, the vitriol has moved to comic books, where women are fighting for "inclusion" and "non-sexualized" characters.

    What does all these things have in common?
    The audience is primarily male, specifically young boys to middle aged men. Then the people who want to change it are women, most of whom aren't even interested in show or culture.

    So what's the deal with nagging moms and censorship in the United States?
    Why can't women, especially women who have no interest in the subject, leave men and boys alone to have fun?

    Why must everything be about you and your likes and wants ladies?




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  • 01/20/14--15:15: The Random Facts Thread
  • Im just going to put all the facts i find on the internet into one thread, kinda like chitlin and his news thread.

    I just got these off the internet, i dont know if they are true or not. Google it if your so curious.

    Ill post infographics and cool educational type gifs in here as well.

    Feel free to post some too if you come across any.

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    I know people don't read so I'll highlight some of the reasons why women are admitting to cheating as stated in the article for your viewing pleasure.

    they found married life incredibly dull and constraining and resented the fact that as women, they felt they consistently did a disproportionate amount of the invisible labor that went into maintaining their lifestyle.

    "I think there's an incredible amount of deep resentment for women in America about divisions of labor," said sociologist Lisa Wade when I asked her to comment on this contradiction. "And what social scientists are finding now is that there is a correlation between equal division of labor and better sex."
    * I gather that these women feel like their husbands are not planning sh*t for the family or for her or helping out as much as she would like, so she goes outside of the household to find the "plans" she's missing out on.
    We now tell women that they can have it all, that they can work and have a family and deserve to be sexually satisfied. And then when having it all is miserable and overwhelming or they realize marriage isn't all it's cracked it up to be, maybe having affairs is the new plan B."
    * Its about time we start telling these women that marriage isn't all its cracked up to be. Only people that want you to get married are your parents and the blood diamond companies. :)
    At the time I married, marriage had felt like a panacea; it was a bond that would provide security, love, friendship, stability, and romance -- the chance to have children and nice dishes, to be introduced as someone's wife. It promised to expand my circle of family and improve my credit score, to tether me to something wholesome and give my life meaning.
    Could any single relationship not fall short of such expectations?
    * Sheesh.

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    This dude decided to film himself go beast mode on a massively heavy bench press, only to get his neck dominated by the bar!

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    It's 10.35am over here in the UK and I can see the moon in the morning sky, shouldn't that shit be on the other side of the world right now? I took a picture but there is no point in posting it because it does not capture it as good as my eyes did, so what's the deal science folks?

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    O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing in Nevada this Thursday will be carried live onESPN as an expanded, 90-minute Outside the Lines Special, and pool cameras in the hearing room make it all but certain the proceedings will pop up at least in part on other news channels.

    In fact, the Nevada Board of Parole says about 30 news organizations have registered to cover the hearing at both the hearing location in Carson City and at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada, where Simpson is incarcerated on the 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping convictions.

    Simpson will appear via videoconference from the prison, with four parole commissioners in Carson City.

    The hearing begins at 10 am PT (1 pm ET), and ESPN has set aside a 90-minute slot under its Outside the Lines banner. The network’s Jeremy Schaap will anchor.

    The public’s fascination with Simpson hasn’t ebbed since his era-defining arrest (and acquittal) for the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. ESPN Films, of course, scored big time with its O.J.: Made in Americadocumentary, the 2016 five-part series directed by Ezra Edelman that won a Best Feature Documentary Oscar for its theatrical run. FX’s hit 2016 drama The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story won nine Emmy Awards.

    Simpson, 70, was sentenced in 2008 to nine-to-33 years in prison for his role in an armed Las Vegas confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers. If paroled – which legal pundits say is possible, even likely – he could be released October 1.

    Simpson’s cohort in the crime, Clarence “C.J.” Stewart, served 27 months in prison before the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that he should have been tried separately from Simpson.

    The Nevada parole board has indicated that a decision on Simpson’s release will be made the day of the hearing, and that Simpson will be permitted to speak.


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    The Boy Scouts of America announced on Wednesday that girls will soon be allowed to become Cub Scouts and to earn the coveted rank of Eagle Scout, the organization’s highest honor.

    "We believe it is critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and lifelong experiences for their children," said Michael Surbaugh, chief executive of the Boy Scouts.

    The scouting board of directors voted unanimously to make the historic change in an organization that has been primarily for boys since its founding more than 100 years ago.

    Earlier this year, the National Organization for Women urged the Boy Scouts to admit girls to the entire program, supporting the efforts of a New York teenager, Sydney Ireland, to attain the rank of Eagle Scout, as her older brother did.

    "I just want to do what the Boy Scouts do — earn the merit badges and earn the Eagle Award," she told NBC News. "The Girl Scouts is a great organization, but it's just not the program that I want to be part of. I think girls should just have the opportunity to be a member of any organization they want regardless of gender."

    In the past, the Girl Scouts have been cool to the idea of admitting girls into the Boy Scouts, citing research that showed many girls learn best in an all-female environment.

    "We are unparalleled in our ability to build great female leaders who contribute to society at every level," said Andrea Bastiani Archibald, a psychologist who helps guide the Girl Scouts.


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