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  • 10/24/17--06:13: Puerto Rico is done for
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  • 01/20/14--15:15: The Random Facts Thread
  • Im just going to put all the facts i find on the internet into one thread, kinda like chitlin and his news thread.

    I just got these off the internet, i dont know if they are true or not. Google it if your so curious.

    Ill post infographics and cool educational type gifs in here as well.

    Feel free to post some too if you come across any.

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    Two New York police officers have been charged with allegedly raping a handcuffed teenage girl in their van.

    Officers Eddie Martins and Richard Halls are accused of having sex with the 18-year-old after arresting her in south Brooklyn.

    Both men have been indicted on first-degree rape charges after a week-long hearing which culminated with a grand jury vote on Friday, The New York Post reported.

    According to sources, the narcotics officers will turn themselves in next week for arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

    If convicted they face 25 years in jail.

    The alleged incident occurred on September 15 after the victim was arrested for possession of marijuana, which is legal in New York City when used for medicinal purposes.

    The two policemen are alleged to have driven the woman to a restaurant chain parking lot in Coney Island where she was forced to perform oral sex on both men and raped by Martins.

    Mr Martins and Mr Halls have admitted to colleagues that encounter did occur but remain adamant that the sex was consensual, according to police sources.

    The NYPD has suspended both policemen without pay, an NYPD spokesperson told The New York Post.

    The victim’s lawyer, Michael David, released a statement urging the NYPD to fire both men. He said: “We would expect the police commissioner to take immediate action in firing these two officers.”

    He added: “Additionally, we request that all this shaming and smearing of the victim of this vicious attack be stopped immediately.”

    Mr David told BuzzFeed News defence lawyers cited the victim's “provocative selfies” as evidence that she had not been assaulted.

    John Arlia and Mark Bederow reportedly wrote that the woman’s behaviour is “unprecedented for a depressed victim of a vicious rape.”

    Both lawyers declined to directly comment but Mr Bederow "caution[ed] people not to assume the accuracy of what happened simply upon unchallenged accusations", according to Buzzfeed News.

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    More than 200 people are believed to have died in underground tunnels after a collapse at North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear facility.

    The test site was reportedly badly shaken by the aftermath of the country’s sixth nuclear test, a 100-kiloton hydrogen bomb roughly seven times more powerful than the atomic bomb the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

    North Korean sources told Japanese television channel Asahi TV that the collapse occurred in October during the construction of an underground tunnel at the facility.

    Around 100 workers were stuck underground and a group that was sent to their rescue were also buried after another collapse, causing a total death toll of around 200.

    A series of small-scale earthquakes that followed the September 3 test indicated the facility, built south of the Mantapsan mountain, may no longer be stable enough to conduct further tests.

    According to experts, the building of new underground tunnels would indicate a willingness to move the test site to another part of the mountain, as the facility is unlikely to be abandoned.

    “If North Korea were to attempt to continue testing under this mountain (such as in the area more to the eastern side), then we would expect to see new tunneling in the future near the North Portal, still under Mt. Mantap,” researchers Frank Pabian and Jack Liu wrote in a report published earlier this month on the North Korea monitoring website 38 North.

    South Korean and Chinese scientists worry that a collapse at the mountain could trigger a radiation leak. South Korea’s weather agency chief Nam Jae-Cheol told a meeting of the lawmakers Monday that any future nuclear test at the site could cause a collapse, the Associated Press reported.

    One of the Korea Meteorological Administration researchers, Lee Won-Jin, presented an analysis of satellite images indicating landslides occurred near the facility following the September test.

    North Korea’s next test may not be confined to underground spaces. In September, the country’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho told reporters in New York ahead of his speech at the U.N. that his leader Kim Jong Un may be planning to conduct “an unprecedented scale hydrogen bomb” test over the Pacific. A North Korean senior official recently told CNN the threat should be taken “literally.”

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    ....... Continuing our information enriched pilgrimage to the Ganjaland..

    My Everclear Extraction Hash Recipe


    You'll Need:

    Everclear [a good substitute for this is 99% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.. but it won't taste as good for reasons i'm still unclear on..]
    2 Mason Jars w/ Lids
    1 Metal Mesh Coffee Filter [Cone Shaped]
    1 Spoon
    1 Pyrex Dish/Plate
    3 Or More Grams Of Stem/Seed Free Shake

    The THC molecule consists of over 300 smaller building blocks that fall into a number of groups.. The most interesting of these are cannabinoids & what are known as CBD's. The cannabinoids possess psychoactive properties while the CBD's possess the therapeutically beneficial aspects. & Somewhere in the mists of these divine gifts lurk shadowy agents that act as inhibitors to keep you from experiencing the total effects of that particular strain. The following process is one of a handful of ways to extract & isolate the psychoactive effects from the restraints of inhibition.. In layman's terms, if you take your time & do this right, it's gonna fuck your silly ass up..

    Step 1: 1st, clean every stem, seed & superfluous particle of debris from the shake you plan on using.. Remember that [much like life] you get out of it what you put in.. Next... Freeze your everclear, weed shake & mason jars for 4 hours before you begin because cold is the key to separating the tricombs [thc resin glands] from the plant matter. When you're ready to begin, take your everclear, weed shake, & 1 mason jar out of the freezer & set a timer for 4 minutes & 45 seconds.. Pour the shake into your mason jar, add just enough everclear to cover top of the shake, & then screw the lid back on tightly. Press start on your count down timer & begin to swirl the mixture in a washing machine style, as opposed to shaking the jar randomly, until the time is up.

    Step 2: Grab the 2nd mason jar from the freezer, open it, & set the coffee filter within the mouth of the jar. Then, with one hand holding the filter in place & the other gripping the jar containing the weed/everclear mixture, carefully pour the contents slowly so that all land within the mesh filter. Sitting the 1st jar to the side & grabbing your spoon, you want to quickly strain the excess liquid from the soggy shake. If you watch closely, you'll notice a greenish color in the last of the liquid that you've strained. That is gonna be the chlorophyll which has been dissolved by the water in the alcohol.. This reaction takes place after 5 minutes of plant matter/alcohol contact. We want as little chlorophyll in our hash as possible so stop straining immediately when you detect it. Close your 2nd mason jar's lid tightly & place it back into the freezer for 20 minutes.


    Step 3: Take the 2nd jar from the freezer & swirl it's contents around to loosen the tricomb mud from the bottom of the jar & pour it into the pyrex dish. Let it dry in a lint/dust free area until all liquid is gone & the dish's remaining contents have air dried for 2 hours.. When this method has been mastered, your hash should come out perfectly golden.


    Step 4: Heat enough water to fill the bottom of a shallow pan a few centimeters & then sit the dish containing the hash in the water. After about 30 seconds, the hash should easily scrape up with a razor blade & can be smoked in a joint or pressed into a solid piece to be later sliced off in chunks for smoking through bongs or pipes..

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    Deflection @ it's finest!

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    CONVICTED entertainer Vybz Kartel told the police the whereabouts of several wanted men in Portmore, St Catherine and provided the authorities with information that led to the recovery of 17 illegal firearms, a highly-placed police source has disclosed.

    The move by the embattled entertainer was part of an effort to gain his freedom, or at least a vastly reduced prison sentence, the police said.

    The startling revelation came to light during a Jamaica Observer interview with a member of the constabulary's top brass late last week.

    "He wanted to meet with the commissioner who assigned a member of the high command to meet him. During the meeting he offered information on wanted men in Portmore and also coughed up a number of illegal firearms. He was trying to broker a deal to get the charges dropped," the source said.

    The police said several wanted men were subsequently nabbed.

    Kartel along with André St John, Shawn 'Shawn Storm' Campbell and Kahira Jones were all found guilty and slapped with life sentences for the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams, who police say was bludgeoned to death at a house in Havendale, St Andrew, on August 16, 2011.

    The men will have to serve 35, 30, and 25 years respectively if the Appellate Court throws out their appeals, which will likely be heard in a minimum three years from now, based upon the pace at which such appeals are dealt with.

    According to the police source, the artiste made the offer when he realised that the walls were closing in on him, after homicide investigators were sealing up their probe into Williams' murder.

    The police also said that Kartel and a funeral director also met with a top-ranking cop after a probe was launched into whether or not Williams' remains were cremated.

    Police are also probing the disappearance of funeral home operator Jennifer Edwards, who went missing in January.

    The police said evidence was suggesting that Edwards was killed and her body disposed of as she had knowledge of sinister dealings relating to Williams' body.

    "We believe she was killed because she was the weak link and she knew too much, but we are still investigating," the source said.

    Last Wednesday, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington drew the ire of defence attorney Tom Tavares-Finson when he declared that Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer) was the boss of a criminal outfit that was responsible for more than 100 murders.

    Tavares-Finson could not be reached for comment on the latest allegation as the Sunday Observer prepared for a press deadline.

    The Sunday Observer source went even further and named a well-known gang based in several Spanish Town communities, as the gang that the commissioner was referring to.

    "He was very influential in the Klansman gang. That gang used to carry out his killings for him until his Gaza Empire started doing the murders themselves. We have footage of him and a leading Klansman member bragging about the best places to kill people, whether in the church or other places. That Klansman was heard bragging that he shot eight people in a church already," the source said.

    The Sunday Observer has also been informed that the police have in their possession additional footage of the video that was shown in court where men were overheard planning murder.

    The footage, the source said, showed a headless body, believed to be that of Williams, lying on the floor.

    It was not clear why that was not entered into evidence during the recently concluded trial.

    Shawn Campbell, another police source said, may have been a victim of loyalty to the 'Worl' Boss' as he now faces the possibility of serving a 25-year sentence after refusing a deal to plead guilty to accessory before or after the fact and serve a

    three-year sentence.

    The police said that Campbell may not have known that Williams and the prosecution star witness Lamar Chow were earmarked for death when he accompanied them in a taxi driven by a man known only as 'Need For Speed', to the ill-fated house.

    "We have information that he was under the impression that the men would be beaten for their carelessness in the disappearance of the two guns. When he arrived, we heard he was surprised to see so many strange men, who we believe to be members of the Klansman gang, and that is why him tek weh himself.

    "We know that it is only after the voice notes were revealed that he became aware that he, too, could have been harmed over the guns. Maybe he would have acted differently if he had heard some of the things that came out in court," the source said.

    All four convicts are now being housed in a maximum security section of the New Horizon Adult Remand Centre on Spanish Town Road in Kingston where high-risk inmates are kept at the State's pleasure.

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    1. Go to your photo reel
    2. Go to search
    3. Type in Brassier

    Post ya screenshot

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    A white student who bragged about harassing her black roommate by rubbing used tampons on her bag, pouring moldy clam dip in her lotion and putting her toothbrush inside her rectum has been arrested.

    Brianna Brochu, a freshman at the University of Hartford, posted on Instagram about how she "finally got rid of her roommate," who she referred to as "Jamaican Barbie."

    Tonight, the university confirmed they have arrested Brochu, calling the reports "disturbing."

    Chennel "Jazzy" Rowe, the freshman roommate of Brochu, revealed the shocking allegations in a Facebook video.

    In it, she describes "getting sick" while being given the cold shoulder by the roommate.

    "It started with throat pain," she explained. "I thought maybe because it’s colder up here, I’m just catching a cold. After a month it got to the point where I had extreme throat pain that I couldn’t sleep, to the point where I couldn’t speak."

    "I'm spending my own money that my parents give me for food and groceries, the health centre on campus is not free – in fact they're expensive." In the post, Jazzy explained that her tests would come back negative. She was prescribed antibiotics by the campus doctor for the bacteria in her throat.

    Then, after a rocky relationship between the two persisted (Rowe says in her video how Brochu would come into their room and turn off the lights if Rowe was working there), she decided to move out.

    As she was leaving, Rowe discovered Instagram posts by her roommate, who boasted about messing with her to make her ill.

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  • 10/13/17--20:46: Body bag thread

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    Indianapolis police chief calls fatal shooting of unarmed driver a 'tragedy'

    Indianapolis Police Chief Bryan Roach didn’t mince words after he sat down behind a microphone Thursday to discuss the fatal shooting of an unarmed man by two police officers.

    The death of 45-year-old Aaron Bailey was a “tragedy,” Roach said.

    “This is something that every city, every chief of police, every community, every mayor, hopes that never happens.”

    Police said a north-side traffic stop early Thursday morning led to brief chase, a minor crash, a driver who reached down in his car and two officers who fired.

    “I probably really screwed up by not having a prepared statement for you,” Roach said during an afternoon news conference at the City-County Building, “but I wanted to come out here and at least share the feeling and the emotion.

    “This is a problem and an issue that not only affects this police department, your chief of police, your mayor, but the community as a whole,” Roach said. “And my expectation is that all of those entities and all of us can have an open and clear discussion as we move forward, to the extent we can, within the parameters of the process.”

    Bailey was black. One of the officers involved is white, the other is bi-racial.

    Messages left with the president of the Fraternal Order of Police were not immediately returned Thursday evening.

    A Justice for #AaronBailey rally is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Friday at City Market. Dominic Dorsey, founder of social-justice advocacy group DON’T SLEEP, said he was angry over the shooting.

    “There's no reasonable explanation or excuse for what happened,” Dorsey said. “None.”

    The circumstances behind what occurred shortly before 2 a.m. Thursday is only beginning to be known. Here is how authorities described the events:

    Two police officers stopped Bailey’s vehicle about 1:45 a.m. near Burdsal Parkway and East Riverside Drive. About 10 minutes later, Bailey and his passenger suddenly took off. A police chase ensued, but after about a minute, Bailey crashed his sedan into a fence near the intersection of 23rd and Aqueduct streets.

    As the two officers approached, Bailey reached down toward the center console. Both officers fired their weapons. Bailey was pronounced dead 30 minutes later at Eskenazi Hospital.

    The passenger, 26-year-old Shiwanda Ward, was unhurt. She was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of drug paraphernalia and taken into custody.

    The two officers, who joined the department in 2014, have no disciplinary records.

    Roach said that because the prosecutor’s office is conducting a criminal investigation, the officers have not yet given a statement to the police department. Many details remain unclear, Roach said, regarding what the officers and the vehicle’s occupants heard, saw, said and did. Roach said he did not know why Bailey was initially pulled over.

    “I know all of us would like to have those answers now, including me,” Roach said. “I’m just like you are, and being a policeman, I may have more questions than you.”

    Mayor Joe Hogsett said residents expect that IMPD will “stringently follow protocol” by fully investigating and reviewing the matter. “We will continue to engage local faith and community leaders to reiterate a commitment to handling this process with openness, transparency, and compassion,” he said in a statement.

    IMPD vehicles are not typically equipped with dash cams, and the department does not have body cameras for its officers. Police said Ward is the only other known witness to the shooting.

    Roach said that to follow departmental policy, the officers would have had to have had a reasonable expectation that their lives, or the lives of others, were endangered before they could use lethal force.

    “We have to assume that that was the mindset of those officers when they pulled that trigger,” Roach said.

    Bailey had amassed 11 felony cases since 1996, including convictions on charges of resisting law enforcement, battery, drug possession, robbery and auto theft, according to online court records. A Feb. 2 charge of theft is pending.

    Roach said the officers involved in the shooting would not have had time to conduct a thorough background check on Bailey. But it remains unclear whether the two officers knew who Bailey was.

    The Rev. James "Dynamite" Black, a volunteer with the Indy Ten Point Coalition who visited the scene, said he understands that many people are feeling emotional in the wake of the shooting. With so many raw feelings and lingering questions, the desire to take action is often strong.

    But Black, a Ten Point volunteer for nearly a decade and founder of Stop The Violence In The Streets Indianapolis, urges residents to wait until more is known before taking a firm stance or lashing out.

    In times like this, he said, action without understanding may lead to further loss and heartbreak.

    “Step back and wait. We don’t have all the information on it just yet, so we need to wait and not create a more violent situation,” he said. “We should focus on coming together and praying on it because it impacts everybody.”

    Bailey's death is the first fatal police shooting of the year. IMPD recorded three fatal police shootings in 2016, eight in 2015 and four in 2014.
    Indianapolis Mayor, Police Chief: Fatal Shooting a 'Tragedy'

    Indianapolis' police chief calls the shooting of an unarmed motorist a "tragedy" and says he assumes the officers involved believed their lives were in danger.

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indianapolis' mayor and police chief called the fatal shooting of an unarmed motorist by officers Thursday a "tragedy," and the chief said that criminal and internal affairs investigations were underway.

    The motorist whom coroners identified as Aaron Bailey, 45, sped away after being pulled over by police about 1:45 a.m. Thursday, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said. Officers chased the vehicle and, after it crashed into a fence, shot the man, Sgt. Kendale Adams said.

    Police later searched Bailey's vehicle but said they found no weapon, The Indianapolis Star and WXIN-TV reported.

    "The loss of any life in our city is a tragedy, and my thoughts and prayers are with all individuals and families affected," Mayor Joe Hogsett said in a statement. "Our residents expect that IMPD will stringently follow protocol by fully investigating and reviewing the actions that were taken."

    Police Chief Bryan Roach said he assumed the officers involved believed their lives were in danger.

    "As a department our heart goes out to that family," Roach said. "This is something that every city, every chief of police, every community, every mayor ... hopes never happens."

    Roach said he expects the officers involved will at some point appear before a grand jury. After that occurs, officers can give their statements to IMPD. Until that happens, Roach said he will not know exactly what happened.

    The two officers involved in the shooting were not hurt. They have been placed on routine administrative leave. Their names were not released.

    Adams said not finding a weapon was not an indication the police use of force was not justified.

    "Just because you don't find a weapon does not mean that it can't be reasonable" to use force, Adams told WXIN. "Obviously, there are a lot of factors that go into that when officers have to make that decision."

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    Serious question.

    these are questions only for you to ask and answer yourself....some may apply and some may not.

    I ask because whats stopping you from reaching your greatest point of potential....

    do you not have anything to wake up and go to work for outside of paying bills with enough left over for some sneak...

    do you wake up with a sense that you need to better than you was yesterday.

    do you wake up and see if the chick you want to smash , texted you in the night..

    do you look at yourself in the mirror and are happy with what you see or what you have become...

    do you have or have you made any future plans..

    where are you in your future plans? how far does your future plans go?

    are they listed step by step with contingency plans or are they just dreams of something you want?

    when was the last time you was proud you completed something, a task?

    Are you aware of how your surroundings effect your thoughts?

    whats your ringtone? what does it say about you?

    Are you strong enough to block out the negative or must you be in the middle of drama to feel alive?

    does you music you listen mostly consist of being in the club, fukk this bitch, i fukked a bitch, beat a nigga ass, im tough like Nigerian hair, alpha male, jumpman jumpman? do you understand how these lyrics effect your thought process and how you view the world?

    When was the last time you heard or had an inspirational song in your rotation that didnt have nothing to do with getting illegal money or bagging a hoe?

    speaking of hoes....are hoes appealing to you?..why?

    if they are women who give themselves freely to any man, how is that attractive to you? regardless of how good she looks, do you think you deserve better? even if its just to get a nut, do you think you time is more valuable than to be laid up with a known cumrag.

    Are you happy with your health?

    are you happy with your body?

    they say a man is only as good as his last challenge...what was your hardest challenge....when was the last real challenge. Are you ok with easy more than you are with hard?

    Are you the smartest in your group or the dumbest?

    are you a man of strong moral values and principle that cant be changed no matter whats in front of you?

    are you a manager or you family or a leader?

    do you push those around you to be better or are you ok with being the best and fukk the rest?.

    Do you share your knowledge or do you keep it to have an advantage over those you hold close?.

    do you make your family or does your family make you?

    Are you goals something you would like or something you wont stop until you get ?

    Are you living for today or planning for tomorrow?

    Do you have a plan for your grandkids if your kids fukk up?

    If you die tomorrow...will your family be able to move forward without struggles?

    If someone asked a lil kid that knows you.....what do they see when they see you...what would they say?

    Do you think your viewed as a person to be admired because you are not to be fukked with or a person to be admired because you have strong morals and ethics.

    All these get you to ask yourself....who are you really.

    are you the person you want people to see you as or the person you want to be or the person you think you are.

    you deserve your best you.

    you have alot of motivating things on this site,

    @kai is a black female sceintist
    @sion is smart as hell and wont be told he can not be a billionaire and stays up all night to stay ahead of the game. and knows investing.
    @Will Munny lived his dream of fight an MMA fight. got his ass beat but he did it.and he is ok with being himself and going hunting and fishing. seems hes ok being him.
    @not_osirus_jenkins building up himself an empire. one flipped house at a time.

    are you motivated yet....
    @EmM HoLLa. driving around in porches and sneaking in shots of his watch....are you motivated.

    @BOSSExcellence be lowkey stuntin.... saying he at the movies and sends a pic to prove it but lets all know he was wearing loubintins.

    but i guess your not motivated by money.
    @BigBallsNoWorries travels around the world. so does @scorpio4lfe @vagrant-718 @Knock_Twice @Figo @usmarin3 and alot others.
    are you motivated

    @zzombie @Cinco invested in homes and their futures are set . imagine being 30 and not have to go to work anymore....

    motivated yet. no

    @Young_Chitlin posts weekly links or youtubes about getting outta debt...

    helpful posts and links are always in the business forum

    @Black_Samson and @SimptimusLEMZUS are into fitness. are you afraid to ask them to hook you up with a program to get into shape. scared to video chat with them to scream at you to motivate you ?

    all these examples can choose to think its all a why come here if you think that. that say more about your mindframe than it does anything else....

    do you only come to pass the time.....even passing can network for future potential.

    dont trust internet people ? ok,,, do you think an inperson broker can be trusted. they dip out with peoples money everyday.

    those that are rewarded are those that take risks.

    so many things...where are you in your life. honestly answer yourself.

    honestly create a timeline of your life and see where you came from and where you trying to go and where you are in obtaining what you want.

    what drives you ..

    what motivates you...
    are you happy with who your laying next to at night?
    are you happy with where you go to work at?
    are you happy with where you are living?
    are you happy with what you look like?
    are you happy with your physique ?
    are you happy with what you are driving?
    are you happy with what you see when you log into you bank account?
    but more importantly

    and lastly,

    Are you happy with your life.

    what are you waiting for....tomorrow will be today in a few hours and yesterday was once today. how many more times does that need to be said to be a better you.

    greatness should not be should be required.

    have a good day people.

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    A former police chief of a predominately white small town in New Jersey said African-Americans had “no value,” were “like ISIS” and suggested putting them before a firing squad, federal authorities alleged this week.

    Federal authorities have arrested Frank Nucera Jr., who until recently was chief of Bordentown Township Police Department. They allege the now-retired officer referred to African-Americans using various racial slurs and instructed his officers to position police dogs at high school basketball games in order to intimidate African-American patrons, according to a criminal complaint unsealed on Wednesday.

    (Warning: This story contains offensive racial slurs.)

    Nucera Jr., 60, is facing a hate crime charge and a federal civil rights charge. FBI Special Agent Vernon Addison wrote in an affidavit that Nucera “has a significant history of making racist comments concerning African Americans, to whom he frequently referred to as ‘n****rs’” and other Italian-derived racial slurs for African Americans. One of Nucera’s officers “made numerous recordings” of Nucera which “contained extremely offensive racist comments” over the course of a year because he was “alarmed” by Nucera’s racism, according to the affidavit.

    The federal charges against Nucera relate to a Sept. 1, 2016, police encounter involving an 18-year-old African-American man and 16-year-old African-American girl. A hotel manager called police because he said the pair hadn’t paid for their hotel room the night before and were swimming in the hotel pool. The FBI affidavit states that their encounter with police “escalated into a physical struggle,” that both teens “resisted arrest” and that one of the officers used pepper spray.

    After both teens were handcuffed, Nucera allegedly grabbed the 18-year-old’s head and slammed it “into the right side of the metal doorjamb,” according to the affidavit. An officer heard the 18-year-old’s head make “a loud thud” as it hit the doorjamb, the feds alleged. Officers said that the 18-year-old wasn’t resisting when Nucera slammed his head, but had “stopped walking for a moment to loudly complain.” The use-of-force wasn’t reported to the department.

    Hours after the assault, Nucera was recorded telling an officer he was “fucking tired” of African-Americans.

    “I’ll tell you what, it’s gonna get to the point where I could shoot one of these motherfuckers,” Nucera allegedly said. “And that n****r bitch lady, she almost got it,” he said, referring to the 16-year-old girl’s aunt, who was present at the arrest. “Fucking nipple hanging bitch. I’m so tired of them, man.”

    Nucera allegedly said that black people should “stay the fuck out of Bordentown” and referred to the 18-year-old as “fucking little, fucking n****r.”

    In a separate incident noted in the report which occurred in November 2015, Nucera said he wished an African-American from Trenton who he believed had slashed the tires of a police vehicle would give him a reason to “put my hands” on him.

    “These n****rs are like ISIS, they have no value,” Nucera allegedly said. “They should line them all up and mow ’em down. I’d like to be on the firing squad, I could do it. I used to think about if I could shoot someone or not, I could do it, I’m tired of it.”

    Nucera also “instructed police officers to bring canines to certain games and position the canine vehicles at the entrance to the gymnasium in order to intimidate African American patrons,” according to the FBI. In another instance, Nucera allegedly told an officer to walk a police dog through an apartment complex to African-American residents see him.

    William Fitzpatrick, New Jersey’s acting top federal prosecutor, said in a statement that Nucera “dishonored the profession” and harbored “intense racial animosity” and senseless hatred of African-Americans.
    Subscribe to the Politics email.
    How will Trump's administration impact you?

    “The conduct alleged is a shocking breach of the duty of every police officer to provide equal justice under the law and never to mistreat a person in custody,” Fitzpatrick said.

    Steve Benewitz, the mayor of Bordertown Township, said in a statement sent to HuffPost on Wednesday afternoon that the charges were “limited to one person, and are not indicative of the Bordertown Township Police Department, or the Township as a whole.” He called the charges “abhorrent,” and said it was important to note that they “began from a self-reported complaint from within the Township Police Department.”

    Bordentown is a town of fewer than 4,000 people located south of Trenton and a little over an hour outside of Philadelphia. The Trentonian reported in January that Nucera was mysteriously “MIA” and that officials said the police chief had retired amid rumors that he was under criminal investigation. His salary was reported to be $147,724 per year.

    Federal court records do not indicate that Nucera has an attorney. There is currently an acting chief in place in Bordentown, where his son Frank Nucera III is serving as a traffic sergeant.

    the rest of the sick shit at:

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    It's official. I'm an Irish citizen.

    I've lived in the US my entire life and I haven't left the States for some time. But Ireland's nationality laws are based on "jus sanguinus" — Latin for "right of blood." And, unlike many countries, Ireland's rules apply not only to the children of Irish citizens who were born in Ireland, but to their grandchildren as well.

    My maternal grandparents immigrated to the US from Dublin and Westmeath decades ago. My sisters, mother, and I spent a few months researching the application process and assembling the necessary documents. We just recently heard back that our applications were successful.

    Applying for citizenship in many countries can be an intensive, expensive, and time-consuming undertaking. But snagging citizenship status is easier in some countries than others.

    In the US, individuals interested in becoming an American citizen must hold a green card for five years and go through a 10-step naturalization process.

    On the other end of the spectrum, Ireland is one of several countries with extensive "jus sanguinus" policies that make it relatively simple for some people to win the citizenship lottery. Other countries offer a simplified or brief application process, in order to attract entrepreneurs.

    Here's a roundup of some countries that make it easier to obtain citizenship:
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    Ireland's laws make it easy for some people of Irish descent to claim citizenship.

    If one of your parents was an Irish citizen who was born in Ireland, you're most likely entitled to citizenship. If one of your grandparents was an Irish citizen who was born in Ireland, you're eligible to become one, too. You just need to provide documentation and apply for the Foreign Births Register.

    You can check whether or not you're eligible for citizenship on the website of Ireland's Department of Justice and Equality.

    Ethnic and religious Jews — as well as their spouses and grandchildren — are free to gain Israeli citizenship through the country's Law of Return.

    According to the Nomad Capitalist, individuals immigrating through the Law of Return can gain citizenship within months, and a passport within a year.

    The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has more information on the Law of Return.

    If you speak Hungarian and can prove your Hungarian ancestry, you might qualify for "simplified naturalization" under Hungarian law.

    According to the the Consulate General of Hungary in Los Angeles, it can take officials in Budapest six to nine months to determine whether an applicant qualifies. The Consulate General also notes there are numerous caveats to the rule that reflect the "historical changes of borders and citizenships in Central Europe during the 20th century."

    You can actually inherit Italian citizenship from your great-great-grandfather. breaks down the rule, which includes some pretty intense caveats. You'll need documentation proving your Italian ancestor lived after Italy's 1861 unification and did not naturalize elsewhere before July 1, 1912. Oh, and "neither you nor any of the ascendants in your direct line must have ever renounced Italian citizenship."

    Your female Italian ancestors can only pass on citizenship to children born after January 1, 1948.

    Confused? The Italian Consulate encourages people to give them a ring to determine whether or not they qualify for Italian citizenship.

    According to the blog Nomad Capitalist, you can receive Macedonian citizenship in just six to 12 months.

    The catch?

    You need to be able to employ 10 Macedonian citizens and invest 400,000 euros in a business — that's around $465,000. But it's a good option for anyone who's looking to quickly throw together a startup in Europe.

    Macedonia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has more information about acquiring citizenship.

    Investopedia reports you can become a Peruvian citizen in two years — for a $25,000 fast-track fee. It takes about three months to secure approval for a residency. Once you've moved to Peru for two years, you can apply for citizenship. You just need to be able to pass tests on Peruvian history, culture, and Spanish language.

    You can contact the Consulate General of Peru in New York for more information.

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  • 11/01/17--13:47: Last bill you paid?
  • Spotify been trying to get their $9.95 for 2 weeks and I promise you the minute my check hit my account they snatched that shit up. Its not much, but shit had me feeling violated, lurking ass niggas. Anyways, time to spend the rest of my check on the usual


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  • 06/07/15--05:33: Hand Check! Any Vapers here?
  • I have been off the cancer sticks for 3 years now and it's partly thanks to the Electronic Cigarette.

    My current set up is a Prometheus Genesis Tank by Grand Vapor with a IPV Mini V2

    I'm using dual rolled stainless steel mesh 4 wraps each for a .3 ohm build, running at 25watts.

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    Alright, so after about 11 years being in and with 7 months left in my contract.. I’m actually thinking if this is the time to go. Wifey kinda pushing for me to get out. A lot because of how things have gone and the threat of a war. Normally I’d go all in with the “it’ll be ok” response but these days I don’t blame her. Along with the fact that I’m kinda at a place where I want something new.

    The security of being in the military is what’s the major thing. The insurance, overall benefits kinda spoil you. Especially when you got a family. I got a couple of things in mind. Taking classes to become an insurance agent. Maybe get her uncle to help me out in becoming a cop in Fredricksberg, VA (not something I wanna do forever) while I go to school. It’s just a big ass step.

    Anyone been in this situation?

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