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For The Grown & Sexy — The Ill Community

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    I am.

    Girls in less clothing(fit girls only...sorry Kat), the beach, fishing, walking around shirtless... ect

    Fall and winter is for fat people so they can hide their fatness under a lot of clothes. They're afraid of the warm weather b

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  • 02/27/13--06:48: Fasting
  • I have some questions about fasting. I'm not doing it for spiritual reasons just health. i'm doing it to clean my system and for weight loss. I need info though. if you're spiritual then that's okay I need info from any source available.

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    Cody Wilson and his nonprofit Texas organization, Defense Distributed, uses 3D printing technology. He just released a video that showcases one of his guns firing off more than 600 rounds, which demonstrates a new surge of interest in semi-automatic and automatic weapons that are made using the additive manufacturing process. Just last year, his organization demonstrated that they could use a 3D-printed “lower” for an AR-15 (the civilian version of the military M16 rifle) semi-automatic rifle, but it failed to work after just six rounds. Now, with some reworking, they’ve shown that they’ve fixed the design flaw. So the lower, or “lower recover” is the part that contains all of the gun’s operating parts, including its trigger group and the magazine port, and the AR is designed to be modular, which means it can have different types of barrels or “uppers, and different-sized magazines. According to Wilson, more than 10,000 people have already downloaded the lower CAD file. Currently, it’s legal to manufacture a 3D printed gun, but if a person is a firearms manufacturer, they must have a manufacturing license.

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    ORLANDO, Fla. — Twelve former Florida A&M University band members were charged Monday with manslaughter in the 2011 hazing death of a drum major.

    Ten of the band members had been charged in May with third-degree felony hazing for the death of 26-year-old Robert Champion, but the state attorney’s office said they are adding the charge of manslaughter for each defendant. They also have charged two additional defendants with manslaughter, though they have yet to be arrested.

    The second-degree manslaughter charge announced during an afternoon status hearing carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.

    Champion died in Orlando in November 2011 after he collapsed after what prosecutors say was a savage beating during a hazing ritual. It happened on a bus parked in a hotel parking lot after Florida A&M played Bethune-Cookman in their annual rivalry football game.

    Authorities said Champion had bruises on his chest, arms, shoulder and back and died of internal bleeding. Witnesses told emergency dispatchers that the drum major was vomiting before he was found unresponsive aboard the bus.

    Christopher Chestnut, an attorney for Champion’s parents, said Pam and Robert Champion Sr. were pleased with Ashton’s decision to upgrade the charges.

    “These charges are commensurate with the acts committed,” Chestnut said. “It sends the right message regarding zero tolerance of hazing in the FAMU band.”

    Prosecutors originally had filed felony hazing charges that required that they prove only that the defendants took part in a hazing that resulted in death. It didn’t require them to prove who struck the fatal blows.

    i knew this was gunna happen. Crazy how these kids bout to get more time then the people that ruined our finacial system and stole a ton of money...

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    i know i had a bunch of them.. some of the scariest times in my life lol.

    but since i been baptized, i havnt had any.. and i dont think thats a coincidence.

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    checks online for a case(1,000 rounds) of 9mm ammo.........out of stock
    checks another site that shows promise......out of stock
    goes to local Army And Navy store.........out of stock. dude behind the counter says they don't get another shipment till friday and that their last shipment sold out in 3 hours. smfh
    went to wally world....out of stock
    Dicks Sporting Goods......out of stock

    WTF is goin on here? These newly proposed gun restricions got people buying up ammo like its going outta style. PPL act like the revolution gonna pop off tomorrow smh.
    Now I'ma have to wait in line at Army And Navy for some damn Ammo like the new J's finna come out

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  • 03/04/13--23:16: Elevator Murder Experiment
  • image

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  • 03/14/12--17:29: Yo Name Is Yo Name?
  • Anybody tryna change they screen name and havin problems, holla at me in here and I gotcha.

    U only get 1.

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    By: Neetzan Zimmerman

    After a vicious random attack at the Rikers Island visitors' center left him with a long, gory gash on his face, 20-year-old Chard Seegars thought his suffering had reached its apex.

    But when he learned that one of the correction officers at Rikers had snapped a photo of his wound so he could share it on Facebook, Seegars realized "adding insult to injury" was no longer just a saying.

    "The Things That Happens On The Island Smhh [shaking my head hard]," read the officer's Facebook caption.

    Seegars subsequently filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against the officer, the Department of Correction, and the city of New York for causing him "further distress and humiliation" by making him relive the incident.

    The February 10th assault that left Seegar with an eight-inch cut on his right cheek required 90 stitches to close, but there were no additional details provided on the identity of the suspect.

    "I was devastated," Seegars' mother Shalanda told the New York Daily News. "My son's face was split open like a pear."


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  • 03/05/13--14:14: R.I.P President Hugo Chavez
  • tumblr_mj7jqps9Vw1qas8z9o1_500.png


    One of the most influential S. American Presidents [Venezuela] A pan African president that withstood the US govt and more recently called on the Nations of Africa to shift the tide of economic power by linking forces with S. America.

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    President Barack Obama has the legal authority to unleash deadly force—such as drone strikes—against Americans on U.S. soil without first putting them on trial, Attorney General Eric Holder wrote in a letter released Tuesday.

    But Holder, writing to Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, underlined that Obama “has no intention” of targeting his fellow citizens with unmanned aerial vehicles and would do so only if facing “an extraordinary circumstance.”

    Paul had asked the Obama administration on Feb. 20 whether the president "has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil and without trial." On Tuesday, he denounced Holder's response as “frightening” and “an affront to the Constitutional due process rights of all Americans.”

    Due Process is officially dead.

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    By: Neetzan Zimmerman

    An utterly baffling layout decision at the Mankato (Minn.) Free Press has resulted in what, by most accounts, may be the most unfortunate article headline in print journalism history.

    What was supposed to be a throwaway evergreen about grapefruits was transformed in an instant into a bitter, inedible tragedy thanks to the substitution of the letter G with a decidedly un-G-looking piece of grapefruit.

    But one graphic designer's typo is a Facebook comedian's treasure, and Free Press readers have certainly been having themselves quite a field day.

    "I've never heard of rapefruit but it sounds like an intense way to start my day," wrote Jenn Schweitzer, who posted a scan of the offending food piece to the newspaper's Facebook page.

    "I didn't know that rapefruit was good for every meal," reader Rachel Emery chimed in. "I tend to avoid rape-anything, but that might just be me."

    And reader Jake Slasherton Miller couldn't help but go for the groin: "Don't even get me started on rapenuts."

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  • 03/05/13--13:50: Tommy Sotomayor
  • I use to think this cat was just bitter but it's all starting to make sense.


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    A mother has been arrested after leaving her two children in the car while she got drunk at a bar, police said today. Cheryn Scaggs, 30, from Florida, is accused of drinking heavily at Shotz sports bar between the hours of midnight and 2am on Monday.

    Her children, aged one and four, were sleeping in the car in the parking lot the whole time. It was when she asked for help getting home that customers and staff at the bar noticed her children were asleep. They then called police.

    According to Fox News, temperatures had dropped to the low 30s and the heat in the car was not turned on. Shotz bar owners released a statement saying: 'We feel fortunate that this situation was discovered before this woman was able to leave, which led to her subsequent arrest.

    'We pray that these children will be placed in safe care.'

    Scaggs is currently jailed on $10,000 bond.



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    Inspired by this quote: “Imagine a film such as Inception with an entire cast of black people – do you think it would be successful? Would people watch it? But no one questions the fact that everyone’s white. That’s what we have to change.” - Idris Elba

    Inception recast → Idris Elba as Cobb, Richard Ayoade as Arthur, Anthony Mackie as Robert Fischer, Zoe Saldana as Ariadne, Jamie Foxx as Eames, Kerry Washington as Mal, Forest Whitaker as Yusuf, Michael K. Williams as Saito, Jeffrey Wright as Browning, Danny Glover as Maurice Fischer, and Gina Torres as Miles


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    She was last seen at a club called Parlays.


    Reshare on your FB. Spread the word.

    INB4 some ignorant nigga say some niggerish shit.

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