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    Chinese police have used facial recognition technology to catch criminals at a beer festival.

    Twenty-five wanted individuals were arrested when they turned up to sample the offerings at the annual event in Qingdao – home to China’s most famous beer.

    Wiping out crime: face-scanners placed in public toilet to tackle loo roll theft
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    Those caught included one man who had been on the run for 10 years. Eighteen cameras installed at four entrances to the festival identified each of the suspects in under one second, Qingdao police said.

    Dozens of other people with criminal records or a history of drug abuse were refused entrance after computers spotted them.

    According to Qingdao authorities, the system has a 98.1% accuracy rate and sounds an alarm if a subject’s face is found in the police database. Six officers were stationed at each entrance to verify the matches.

    Beer drinkers are just the latest targets of facial recognition in China, where the hardware has been installed at road junctions in four cities to identify and shame pedestrians who ignore traffic regulations.

    We know facial recognition is moving ahead thanks to shit like Snapchat refining the technology. But this right here???


    ^^^ I don't know if it's real, but as some one who's been privy to have "seen some shit" I can say that I don't doubt it's real.

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    A high school football player accused of strangling his mother’s abusive ex-boyfriend to stop him from beating her will not face charges, court officials said.

    A grand jury on Monday declined to indict 18-year-old Luis Moux of New York City for manslaughter in the Aug. 14 death of Stanley Washington, 43, according to local reports.

    “It was clear that Luis didn’t do anything wrong. He testified in the grand jury and his story didn’t change a bit,” Moux’s attorney, Walter Fields, told the Daily News.

    “He’s going to move on with his life,” Fields added. “When you are an innocent man, you just want to move on with your life.”

    The violence broke out after Washington reportedly visited the family’s Bronx apartment around 4:30 a.m. to speak with the teen’s mom, 37-year-old Lorena Sesma.

    Moux told police he was in his bedroom when he heard his mother being attacked. He rushed from his room and pulled Washington off of his mother, then placed the man in a chokehold until he “fell asleep,” the Daily News reported.

    Washington had 26 prior arrests, police said. Two were for domestic violence involving Moux’s mother, Pix 11 reported, citing police sources.

    Moux was charged with manslaughter the day after the killing. A petition calling for dismissal of the charges racked up more than 152,700 signatures.

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    Black employees on Wednesday filed a civil complaint against the Trump Organization and the managing director at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. alleging racial discrimination, the Washington Post reported.

    Dominique Hill, Irving Smith Jr. and JaNette Sturdivant, current and former employees at BLT Prime in the luxury hotel, alleged that the Trump Organization and Mickael Damelincourt, the luxury hotel’s managing director, subjected black employees to discriminatory behavior and gave them shifts where they earned less, per the report.

    “They started hiring all these people and instead of putting them on day shifts they was giving them night shifts and keeping us on day shift,” Smith Jr. told the Washington Post. “Next thing I know, within the month all the black people were on the day shift.”

    Hill told the Washington Post that the hotel opened with 15 or more black employees, but that only four remain.

    Hill, Smith Jr. and Sturdivant are seeking $14.5 million in damages, according to the report.

    In a statement to the Washington Post, the Trump Organization called the allegations “utterly baseless” and claimed “the plaintiffs worked for a third-party restaurant company that is solely responsible for the direction, supervision, and management of its own employees.”

    The company that operates BLT Prime, ESquared Hospitality, said it “wholeheartedly” disputed Hill, Smith Jr. and Sturdivant’s allegations.



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    Reports: Mueller Impanels Grand Jury In Federal Russia Probe

    Robert Mueller, the special counsel overseeing the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, recently impaneled a grand jury as part of the probe, several news outlets reported on Thursday.

    The Wall Street Journal reported, citing two unnamed sources familiar with the matter, that the Washington, D.C. grand jury “began its work in recent weeks” and is separate from the one assisting with the probe into President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The impanelment of that jury predated Mueller’s appointment as special counsel.

    Reuters confirmed, citing two unnamed sources familiar with the matter, that Mueller convened a grand jury.

    The empanelment of a new, separate grand jury reflects the scope of Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the election and whether any members of Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

    Reuters also reported that grand jury subpoenas were issued in connection with a meeting between Donald Trump Jr., the President’s eldest son, and a Russian lawyer.

    Trump Jr. attended the meeting after he was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton as part of a Russian government effort to aid his father’s campaign. It was not clear whether those subpoenas were issued by the grand jury Mueller impaneled.

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    A man on an overbooked United Airlines flight was forcibly removed from his seat and dragged through the aisle on Sunday, and video of the anguished protests by him and other passengers spread rapidly on Monday as people criticized the airline’s tactics.

    At least two passengers on the flight, which was scheduled to depart Chicago O’Hare for Louisville at 5:40 p.m. but was delayed two hours, documented the confrontation. Their videos show a police officer in plain clothes wrestling the man from his seat and dragging him by his arms, as his glasses slid down his face and his shirt rose above his midriff. Uniformed officers follow.

    The man returned to the aircraft after being removed, according to one of the passengers. Video shows him jogging through the aisle, repeatedly saying: “I have to go home.”

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    LAGOS, Nigeria — At Lagos’s Computer Village, buyers, sellers, wholesalers, hawkers and opportunists jostle for a piece of a booming industry. On a recent Wednesday tall stacks of shrink-wrapped printers and copying machines sat along muddy gravel streets. Peddlers hawked batteries, keychain USB drives and every conceivable model of mobile phone out of cardboard boxes.

    Bigger deals went down in the jumble of buildings overlooking the chaos. In air-conditioned showrooms, bright rows of competing company-branded displays, attended by beaming salespeople in company-branded polo shirts, tried to entice bulk purchasers of the most important gadget in the country: smartphones.

    Computer Village stands at the head of the cellphone supply chain for a country that has more than 180 million people and the largest economy in Africa, with a 2016 GDP of $405 billion.

    “Brand acceptance can be created from this market,” said Rajesh Ramakrishnan, the representative of the Lagos-based AfriOne, which makes mobile devices among other products. Implausibly, he described the chaotic scene as being subdued by Computer Village standards. As we fought through the crowded streets, salespeople in AfriOne polos would dizzyingly emerge from the throng to talk to him, and then vanish just as quickly. He calmly defused a confrontation with a group from one of the merchant associations who tried to stop me from using my camera. “It’s a very comfortable place,” he said, also implausibly. “But be careful.”

    AfriOne is the first company to assemble smartphones in Nigeria. It’s new to Computer Village, and only began selling its two models of Android-based devices, priced at around $75, earlier in the summer. Companies that want to be visible in the market’s maelstrom of activity often buy building façades and paint them in their corporate colors, and Ramakrishnan pointed out the boxy concrete cantilevers of a building coated in AfriOne forest green and capped with the company’s logo.
    View photos
    An AfriOne billboard sits above a gate to Computer Village in Lagos, competing with a Tecno-branded building façade across the street. (Photo: Armin Rosen for Yahoo News)

    But half the neighborhood was covered with the distinctive powder blue of Hong Kong and Shanghai-based Tecno. That was also the color of the market’s solar-powered street lamps, which the phone producer had donated. Tecno’s story is a model for how Chinese companies have leveraged inexpensive manufacturing and clever marketing to dominate lucrative markets around the world, in Africa especially. The success or failure of upstart local challengers like AfriOne will help determine how long that dominance can continue.

    Tecno’s parent company owns 3C Hub, one of the market’s busiest outlets. AfriOne doesn’t have a display there: In order to set up at 3C Hub, “we would have to disclose our marketing plan, and it’s easy for a brand like Tecno to kill us,” Ramakrishnan explained. He’s sure it’ll just be a matter of time before AfriOne is big enough to be invited to the outlet with no questions asked. “Let the demand come. Then they will bring us here. In the next six months, it will happen,” Ramakrishnan promised.

    AfriOne’s made-in-Nigeria smartphone will either turn out to be a novelty or a farsighted gambit. Today, an estimated 30 percent of Nigerians have internet-capable phones. The market is large, but just a fraction of what it could be. “There will be such a massive population explosion, and the curve to reach eventual mass market is so far out there,” says Lekan Akinjide, AfriOne’s director of strategy and government coordination, who noted that Nigeria’s population of around 186 million is projected to grow to as much as 400 million by midcentury.

    Nigerians already have abundant smartphone choices, often from Chinese brands whose names are unknown in the West: companies like Innjoo, Xiaomi, and Gionee. Nigerians can buy a basic Tecno L7 for 13,000 naira ($36) or a Tecno Phantom 6, with high-resolution cameras and fingerprint-enabled security features, for 127,000 naira ($350). Smartphones are sold at nationwide chain stores, but also at market shacks and rural gas stations. On Jumia, Nigeria’s leading e-commerce site, the average price for a smartphone dropped from $216 in 2014 to $117 this past year.

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    its time this got its own thread. The Breakfast Club has changed the game in radio. They are now leaps and bounds ahead of their competition.

    So far in 2016, they have had some DOPE interviews.

    had to start the thread off with the one that coined the term "chatty patty"

    hilarious but somewhere, a few gems were dropped



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    Let's take a break from all this political, controversial topic shit and take some time to honor my nigga Roger in remembrance of childhood Halloween vibes of the late 80's early 90's, as we approach October.

    S/O to whoever uploaded this vid to YT. He didn't include EVERY scene where he said some EPIC shit lol, but I still applaud the effort.

    Anyways, below is some time stamps. Nigga Roger wasn't playing NO GAMES. lol.

    1:20 - TELL EM! Or at least he tried to. But they wasn't hearing him. lol
    1:40 - bitch got ZERO survival skills
    1:58 - He came across Sal (i think that's his name)..the only other trill dude in this film. He Italian though so i understand. Roger left him in the dust tho.
    2:20 - I don't like how he kept leaving Judy though. She probably would've gave him some if he wasn't so busy running from it all night
    PAUSE THE VIDEO AT 2:28 - Now read this first before pressing play. Because this just take the cake. Just check out the utter boldness and grace of this swan dive out the window. In 2 seconds, nigga Calculated the Geometry of the dive angle, distance, velocity needed to plow completely through the window, and the rotation speed of the flip to be sure he land square on his back from the 2nd story. They need to build a monument of Roger just for this part in the movie. Where everybody walk up to it and discuss the excellence of this move. Play that.

    2:50 - lolollllll. NIgga was hollerin while climbing that barb wire. "Uggghhhhhhaahh. AAGHHHH!" He made it up too! lol

    3:00 - He actually came back for Judy at the end. BRAVO! And because of Roger, they was the only two to make it out.
    All the other friends dead. That's messed up!

    Anyways, that's all I got. Let's give this man some props for his excellent, fear-driven bravery. Nigga was TRILL in my book.

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    Wrestling legend Ric Flair claims during an upcoming ESPN 30 for 30 documentary he's slept with around 10,000 women throughout his life.

    On Tuesday, Elissa Rosen of People passed along comments from the 68-year-old star, who says now he wishes he hadn't made that admission public for the project.

    "What I said was the truth, but I feel bad now that I said some of it. Ten thousand women," Flair said. "I wish I hadn't said that because of my grandkids."

    The Tennessee native has been married and divorced four times. He told Rosen his ways have changed since meeting Wendy Barlow, his fiancee, and that he's become a "one-woman guy."

    "I only love one now," he said. "I have never done anything since I met Wendy."

    Flair drew national attention last month when he was rushed to a Georgia hospital with an undisclosed illness that caused those close to him to seek prayers for his recovery.

    Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated later reported the Nature Boy underwent surgery to get part of his bowel removed, contrary to speculation about possible heart problems.

    The ESPN documentary about his life is scheduled to air Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 10 p.m. ET.

    Flair, who's currently under a WWE legends contract, has appeared sporadically on the company's programming in recent years, usually as part of storylines with his daughter, Charlotte Flair.

    Ric Flair probably walked in the bedroom like...

    Dropped the hammer on that pussy like....

    Bust a nut in the twat like......

    Looked all 10,000 of them hoes in the face like......

    Then had them hoes call their boyfriends and was like....

    Ric Flair>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Your Body Immediately After Drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte


    When fall hits, a lot of people reach for the pumpkin spice latte — a lot.

    Starbucks says the pumpkin spice latte (aka PSL) is its most popular seasonal beverage of all time, a statistic that’s not shocking considering that the drink has inspired countless tweets, knockoff recipes, and even GIFs. The day after Labor Day, when the drink “officially” rolls out in stores, is practically a national holiday for PSL fans.

    But what actually happens to your body after you sip a 16-ounce grande pumpkin spice latte — which, when made with 2 percent milk and topped with whipped cream, contains 380 calories, 14 grams of fat, and 50 grams of sugar? Much more than you think.

    Your brain

    There’s a reason why you crave sugary drinks like the PSL, which contains a whopping 12 teaspoons of sugar. Research has shown your body’s response to all that sweet stuff is similar to what happens when someone consumes heroin or cocaine — “Just something to think about when considering what to order on your next coffee run,” New York City certified dietitian-nutritionist Jessica Cording tells Yahoo Health.

    Your pancreas

    Within 20 minutes, your pancreas is hard at work, registered dietitian-nutritionist Sonya Angelone, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, tells Yahoo Health. It begins secreting insulin to help break the sugar down into glucose for your body’s cells, where it can be stored for energy or used for fuel. But if your cells are already full of glucose, it gets rejected, Angelone says.

    Here’s why that’s an issue: Glucose continues to rise in your blood, which leads to more insulin production, and the excess sugar is stored in your body — as fat.

    Related: Your Body Within an Hour of Drinking a Cup of Coffee

    Your liver

    Your insulin levels spike after the sugar rush, kicking your liver into action.

    And there’s a lot of work for your liver after you have a PSL: The 50 grams of sugar in a grande size of the drink with whipped cream is more than 100 percent of your daily recommended intake. “That’s a lot for your system to handle in one go,” Cording says.

    Within a half-hour, your liver starts absorbing glucose and creating glycogen, a stored form of glucose, essentially trying to store any extra sugar in your body as fat.

    Your blood

    Your triglyceride level (i.e., fats in your blood) starts increasing as the fat gets absorbed into your body. Over time, a rise in triglycerides may clog blood vessels, says Angelone, because high triglycerides can cause a drop in HDL (“good”) cholesterol and saturated fats boost LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Triglycerides can stay elevated for six hours or more.

    “There is not a triglyceride level where it suddenly becomes dangerous,” says Angelone. But, she adds, just having elevated triglyceride levels leads to higher risk of atherosclerosis, a disease in which plaque builds up in your arteries.

    Related: What Happens to Your Body After Taking Pure Powdered Caffeine

    Your heart

    About 15 minutes after drinking a PSL, your blood pressure and pulse increase, but it can take 45 minutes to an hour to feel the caffeine’s full effects.

    Why? Fat in the PSL delays the absorption of the caffeine in your stomach, slowing down the time it will take to ramp up your heart rate, says Angelone.

    Worth noting: About 75 milligrams of caffeine still remains in your system three to four hours after drinking a pumpkin spice latte, which can cause you to have trouble sleeping if you consume it in the late afternoon.

    Your stomach

    There is an upside to drinking a PSL: It contains 14 grams of protein. That can help boost your muscles and leave you feeling fuller, longer, says Cording.

    And it should, thanks to all the fat and calories it contains. Angelone points out that the 14 grams of fat and 380 calories in a PSL made with 2 percent milk and topped with whipped cream account for 20 percent of both your recommended fat intake and average calorie recommendation for a whole day.

    But the high levels of sugar and caffeine in the drink can also mess with your stomach. “They may contribute to gastrointestinal discomfort, along with impacting your mood and energy levels,” says Cording.

    Despite the strong impact the pumpkin spice latte can have on your body, both experts agree that having it here and there is fine. Adds Angelone, “If you are healthy, indulging once in a while shouldn’t be a problem.”

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  • 09/27/17--19:32: Jibo?
  • Some kind of social robot coming later this year.


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    Posted this in the kap thread but it got lost in the shuffle, how does this all play out?? Does the nfl end it somehow? Do ppl kneeling eventually just say fuck it? Do both sides come to some agreement? What yall think? I have no idea, shit i think ppl on both sides have zero idea, trump speaking about it brought it to its peak and if he keeps up i could almost see the nfl doing something but at the same time that would be a horrible move by them to say force players to stand or something like that, very complicated situation

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    Post up the pics

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    lmmfao @ dude running out of the ring. Looks like he had that ass whooping coming.


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  • 09/05/17--05:09: Hurricane Season...
  • ajci2p9wk3gd.jpg

    I've seen the day after tomorrow GnS, let's not ignore this one and buy some damn bottles water at least.

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    As you all know, the IC will be only-read eventually.

    Which threads would u like in the Forum of Fame before the change is made?

    Vote or die.

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