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    Come in and drop any stories that concern you and the homeless whether they be sad, happy, funny, messed up, etc.

    So I was exiting the freeway last week and there was this homeless man sitting on the side of the road near the stop light. I pull up right beside him waiting for the light to change.

    He asks me if I had any spare change. I did and I grab what amounted to a couple dollars in change and pulled out a $20 bill. I reached my arm out the window for him to come get the change, then I was going to hit him with the $20 afterwards. This dude had the nerve to tell me he didn't want to get up and could I bring it to him (he was about 7-10 ft from the car).

    I told him if he wanted this change he would get up and get it. So he gets up, walks over to the car and I put the change in his hand. Before I could even hand him the $20 this mothafucka gonna look down at the change with disgust and back at me and say "well THAT was worth it" all sarcastic and shit!

    I lost it. I smacked his hand upwards and knocked all the change out his hand and said "ungrateful mothafucka" as I drove off. Nigga had me hot yo. Needless to say, that $20 never made it to him. Haha

    I always help the homeless out because of how I grew up, so I understand. But his nigga here...

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    People blamed 2016 for taking alot of loved celebs. Im not sure if it actually took more than usual but social media seemed to with the "2016 aint shit" tagline.

    With the new year lets play a game.

    List 3 celebs u think will die in 2017 and 1 additional wild card (a healthy younger celeb)

    Then lets revisit in December and see who could tell the future

    Bonus points if u can predict how they die

    Yall down?

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    MILWAUKEE (FOX NEWS) - Criminal charges have been filed against a mother accused in the death of her four-year-old son -- her only child, who had autism.

    The accused is 23-year-old Amelia Di Stasio, who faces a charge of first degree intentional homicide in the death of Antonio Di Stasio, which happened on September 28th near 17th and Grant. Di Stasio faces life in prison if convicted.

    According to a criminal complaint, around 7:30 a.m. on September 28th, the Milwaukee Fire Department was dispatched to the home at 17th and Grant for a report of "smoke." Smoke was observed coming from Apartment #2 and firefighters forced entry into the home. Smoke was observed coming from the stove, and a pile of clothing in the bathroom (in the bathtub) was noted to be smoking.

    Firefighters found a lifeless child with his hands bound behind his back with several belts. The complaint says there was a garbage bag over his head. "The majority of his body was burned," the complaint says. Investigators learned the victim's body had been set on fire with the use of an unknown accelerant. A pet guinea pig was found drowned in its cage next to the tub, the complaint says. A bottle of canola cooking oil was located on the bathroom sink.

    Police soon arrived, and learned the victim was four-year-old Antonio Di Stasio, who lived in the apartment with his mother, Amelia. She was not home when first responders arrived.

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    This shit should have its own thread. For if it happens, it will be the most significant event in all our lives.

    Two most important things that you need to know:

    1. On July 28th NK successfully test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that reportedly reached a maximum altitude of 3,700 km (2,300 miles) and went a distance of around 1,000 km (600 miles). Experts estimate that if the missile was flown on a standard trajectory it would have a range of around 9,000 to 10,400 km.

    2. On Aug. 8th the Washington Post reported that US intelligence services concluded late last month that NK can now miniaturize nuclear warheads on its missiles. It has been known that NK has had nuclear weapons for about 10 years.

    So if there is a war with North Korea, it most likely will be a nuclear war, and NK now seems to have the ability to reach most of the US (and Canada).

    In other words, this shit is no joke.

    The is a map of how far NK missiles will need to travel to hit places in the US and Canada:


    If there is a war what will you do?

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    Report: August FBI Memo Called ‘Black Identity Extremists’ New Terror Threat

    In August, the FBI’s counterterrorism division published a report warning law enforcement across the country of a new threat. It called the threat “Black Identity Extremism.”

    In reality, there is no “Black Identity Extremist” movement, at least not one that goes by that name. It appears to be an invented label, Foreign Policy reported. The publication revealed the existence of the counterterrorism memo Friday and briefly posted the actual document on its website before removing it.

    According to the FBI, “it is very likely some BIEs are influenced by a mix of anti-authoritarian, Moorish sovereign citizen ideology, and BIE ideology.”

    The report found it “very likely” that the police killing of Ferguson, Missouri teenager Michael Brown — and the subsequent decision by a grand jury not to indict the officer responsible for his death — “spurred an increase in premeditated, retaliatory lethal violence against law enforcement and will very likely serve as justification for such violence.”

    ncidents of alleged police abuse against African Americans since then have continued to feed the resurgence in ideologically motivated, violent criminal activity within the BIE movement,” the report said, referring to Michael Brown’s death.

    Running 12 pages — including end notes and citations — the report included six examples of premeditated violence against police officers by black people judged to have been motivated by identity extremism.

    “In all six targeted attacks since 2014,” the report said, “the FBI assesses it is very likely the BIE suspects acted in retaliation for perceived past police brutality.”

    It noted: “Even though five of these attacks occurred following controversial police shooting of African Americans by white police officers, BIE targeting of officers was not, in every incident, based on their specific race.”

    One individual profiled was Micah Johnson, who killed five police officers in a rampage in Dallas in July 2016, firing his first shots during a Black Lives Matter march. “ased on Johnson’s journal writings and statements to police, he appeared to have been influenced by BIE ideology,” the report said.

    The term “black identity extremists” doesn’t appear to have been used by counterterrorism officials before the FBI’s August report. The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services appears to have been one of the first organizations to employ the new term, in a course description flagged by Foreign Policy for the upcoming training event “Introduction to Domestic Extremism and Hate Groups.”

    “Domestic extremist movements covered will include white supremacists/white nationalists, black identity extremists, anarchists, animal rights and eco-terrorists, anti-government and other radical separatists groups,” the course description read.

    Counterterrorism and homeland security experts interviewed by Foreign Policy expressed skepticism at the new label.

    Michael German, a former FBI agent turned Brennan Center fellow, said: “Basically, it’s black people who scare them.”


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    Yall up on this shit?
    Kenneka Jenkins(left) ,19 and bestfriend Monifah Shelton who people are alleging set her up for $200

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    Simple story. Jeremy Lin got dreads. Kenyon Martin accuses him of trying to be black... while having Chinese tattoos. Kenyon Martin doubles down on his remarks, Jeremy Lin completely shuts him down while calling for Black and Asian unity. Martin deletes posts.

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    Somebody please fill a og nigga in I'm late as all hell ... did he come up off here? Last I remember years back he took that juicy fruity booty swag chick from a nigga and next think years later nigga fat and crying next to joe burden gonna get sparked on and on memes and shit ... what happen? He don't show IC no love?

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  • 10/07/17--07:41: NEW London terror attack
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    I told this story before but

    I went on a movie date with this bitch months back...bitch is like 10 mins late...we get in theatre n this stupid bitch picks the row where my legs are gona be up in my nuts for 2 hours...

    She sees some cac eatn a snickers bar n says ow man i really want a ice cream snickers right now

    Me: oprah.gif

    Shhh bitch movie bout to start...after we in the parking lot im tryna go over n she says her room is a mess (who cares) never saw the bitch again

    At least i creampied her a few times before

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    I think we as black ppl are slacking in the second language department

    Ive wrked with niggas from overseas that know 4 or 5 languages

    I've been trying to learn Spanish, to bump my game up and be more well rounded

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    Bryant Johnson was arrested for public intoxication on Monday night after he allegedly told police that he came from the future to warn of an alien invasion.

    Police were called to a street in Casper where Johnson reportedly told them he traveled from the year 2048 and was trying to warn the town that aliens would be arriving next year, KCWY reported.

    Johnson said that everyone needed to leave as quickly as possible and demanded to speak to the president of the town, KCWY said.

    He reportedly told law enforcement that he was able to travel back to 2017 – even though, he said, he meant to travel to 2018 – because aliens filled his body with alcohol and had him stand on a giant pad to transport him to the past.


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    Tim Murphy is a Republican congressman and leading pro-life conservative — he also allegedly asked his mistress to get an abortion, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

    Murphy, who has represented Pennsylvania’s 16th congressional district since 2003, admitted to having an extramarital affair last month and his old lover is accusing him of being hypocritical in his pro-life beliefs.

    “You have zero issue posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week when we thought that was one of the options,” texted the Republican congressman’s ex-mistress in response to an anti-abortion post on Murphy’s Facebook page.

    Per documents received by the Pittsburgh newspaper, Murphy responded by saying, “I get what you say about my March for life messages. I’ve never written them. Staff does them. I read them and winced. I told staff don’t write any more. I will.” Interestingly, Murphy denies writing the anti-abortion Facebook post himself but does not deny asking his mistress for an abortion.

    According to the Post-Gazette piece, Murphy has been praised by the Family Research Council — a hardline evangelical nonprofit — and endorsed by LifePAC for his stance on abortion in congress.
    Additionally, he co-sponsored the upcoming 20-week abortion ban legislation that he will presumably vote for. If the accusation from his mistress is to be taken as fact, his public and private record on the issue would present a different story on his conservative views.

    The woman, Shannon Edwards, was a close friend of Murphy’s who began having an affair with him after the two worked together on mental health legislation. However, in September, Murphy made a statement calling the affair “nobody’s fault but my own.”

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    what other cities do you know your way around totally without help?

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    bring up google maps....

    find ya city and hood....

    drop the lil nigga down

    copy the address from your address bar

    an post the link....

    lets check out where you niggas live.

    an to add a it for where you came from as well.

    so two links.

    1. where you started at
    2. where you are now

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    This spot called the Tuscan Market located north of Boston, the food was on point!
    Yall share your recent culinary experiences here.

    You're welcome

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  • 10/07/17--14:01: In your adult life...
  • Name some things that you didn't think would happen.

    I'll start...

    -Moving out early (age 19). When I was a kid I was really close to my mom and thought that I would be one of those people that lives with their mom for a while. But then my mom met the fuck nigga she's with now and I learned otherwise.

    -Earn a journalism degree. When I was little I wanted to be a lawyer but then as time went on I grew a great passion for writing and interviewing.

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