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    Neither does he:

    WTF, Canada??

    How y'all got me agreeing with FOX News?
    You know how fucked yoy have to be to get to agree with someone at FOX?!

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    Police union leader apologizes for 'urban ghetto' comment after civil rights groups complain

    The Cincinnati's Police Department's union president apologized Monday for using the term "urban ghetto" during a visit to a district roll call meeting that has sparked an internal investigation.

    "I was emphasizing the complexity of their jobs and how being degraded and mistreated by your superiors makes the job of service more complicated," Fraternal Order of Police President Dan Hils wrote on his Support The Blue In Cincy Facebook page.

    "For my choice of grammar, using the term “urban ghetto” statement, I do sincerely apologize for my choice of words."

    The apology came after several community groups, including Cincinnati's branch of the NAACP and other civil rights organizations, denounced Hils and asked CPD Chief Eliot Isaac to hold him accountable.

    Those groups combined on a statement late Sunday accusing Hils of acting with "recklessness" and asking that he be held to account for "abuse and misuse" of his position.

    The public back-and-forth came on the heels of an Enquirer report Dec. 2 about an internal complaint made against Hils by a black female lieutenant. In that complaint, Lt. Danita Pettis alleged that Hils undermined her authority by speaking to the third-shift roll call she supervises on her night off, Nov. 26. A witness statement recounting the events of that meeting was also submitted by Sgt. Dan O'Malley.

    According to O'Malley's statement, Hils said working for Pettis made District 4 officers' job even more difficult: "You already have it tough policing in an urban ghetto environment."

    District 4 includes Avondale, Bond Hill, Corryville, Mount Auburn and Walnut Hills.

    CPD officials confirmed last week that they launched an internal investigation into the incident.

    It is unclear what penalties Hils could face if he were found to have violated policies, but any such decision would ultimately be up to Isaac and conform to the existing union contract.

    In her complaint, Pettis wrote that Hils bragged about "kicking her a--" when arresting her 25 years ago when she was a civilian and instructed officers how to file a joint complaint against her.

    O'Malley also reported that Hils encouraged officers to record their roll call meetings with their bodycams if they feel they needed to protect themselves – which is against CPD policy.

    In his Facebook post, Hils wrote that other officers were concerned about how Pettis was treating subordinates, and specifically how she followed up a shots-fired call.

    "A tape recording of the command officer’s demeaning response to an officer’s inquiry was played ... Hearing the content of the tape and the abusive treatment of subordinates it compelled me to share personnel (sic) experience and knowledge of this command officer’s recorded pattern of conduct and character, which leads to the statement that was misrepresented reference the arrest 25 years ago."

    O'Malley wrote that Hils said that Pettis "was able to manage working her way up and became a lieutenant only because she will kick, scream, b---h and yell it was race, sexism, or whatever. I never would have imagined she would be my superior."

    Said the statement from the civil rights groups: Hils "must not be permitted to come to the workplace and undermine the leadership of a superior officer. Hils actions are deplorable and display his contempt towards a senior ranked Cincinnati Police Department officer, which seem personal and inflammatory. Hils is unhappy that he is subordinate to Lt. Pettis. It further demonstrates a lack of respect for the leadership of the CPD and this city."

    Other groups named in the statement were the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio, the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the National Action Network (NAN) and the Sentinels Police Association.

    Hils was elected FOP president two years ago.
    The local union represents 1,000 officers and 1,700 retirees.

    This is just the latest controversy involving him.

    Hils vowed early in his term to work closely with the Sentinels Police Association, a group consisting of mostly of African-American officers. However, the FOP and Sentinels clashed earlier this year other whether to participate in the update process of the city's historic Collaborative Agreement of 2002.

    The FOP membership changed its position in a second vote.

    Then this fall, Hils asked the Hamilton County prosecutor to intervene in a city and CPD investigation into a use-of-force incident.

    That led to a judge issuing a temporary restraining order in late October that barred city investigators from interviewing the officers involved – and an angry late-night phone call from Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black.

    Hils recorded that call, and later asked for criminal charges and filed a grievance with the city. Both were denied.



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    What podcasts do yall listen to, if any?

    I listen to a lot of comedy podcasts and a handful of music podcasts.

    Questlove has a pretty cool podcast, Stretch and Bobbito, Drink Champs w/ NORE of course.

    Joe Rogan by far has one of my favorite podcasts and he usually releases multiple episodes a week.

    Tom Segura and his wife have a podcast thats pretty funny, called "Your Moms Podcast"

    Joey Diaz has a podcast called "The Church of Whats happening now" dude has tons and tons of crazy stories. Dude used to be wild AF.

    But im trying to check out some more podcasts, whats your favorites??

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    I don't think this thread has been made yet this year, so... What type of pornographic subject matter do you like the most?

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    its time this got its own thread. The Breakfast Club has changed the game in radio. They are now leaps and bounds ahead of their competition.

    So far in 2016, they have had some DOPE interviews.

    had to start the thread off with the one that coined the term "chatty patty"

    hilarious but somewhere, a few gems were dropped



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    LaVar Ball, the father of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, has never been one to avoid courting controversy.

    The famously outspoken father has already criticized Luke Walton’s usage of his son and gotten into wars of words with other NBA players, but on Friday night he went after a decidedly larger target: President Donald Trump, via Arash Markazi of ESPN:
    LaVar Ball downplayed his son’s shoplifting incident in China as well as U.S. president Donald Trump’s involvement in getting his son and two UCLA teammates back to the United States earlier this week.

    “Who?” Ball told ESPN when asked about Trump’s involvement in the matter. “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.”

    UCLA guard LiAngelo Ball, Lonzo’s younger brother, was detained along with two UCLA teammates in China for allegedly shoplifting, a situation which Trump reportedly helped rectify, thus enabling the Bruins players to return home.

    After the incident, Trump wondered on Twitter when he’d be thanked for his assistance:

    LiAngelo and his fellow Bruins did thank Trump for his assistance at the press conference announcing that they had returned home and would be indefinitely suspended by UCLA, but it’s perhaps unsurprising that LaVar wants to distance his family from the current administration due to the current political climate.

    Alternatively, it might not be a coincidence that LaVar dropped these comments right as the internet was tearing his son apart for not immediately rushing into a scrum to fight alongside his teammates while he’s simultaneously playing the worst stretch of basketball of his life.

    LaVar is not an idiot, and he seems to understand more keenly than most what moves the news cycle along, and there is very little he could’ve done to make people forget about Lonzo’s struggles more quickly than start a feud with the most Twitter-argument happy president in U.S. history.

    LaVar also just knows the simple value for he and his family’s eponymous Big Baller Brand of being in the news cycle, and this is certainly one way to get a lot more than the traditional outlets talking about him. All press is good press, as they say (unless it’s press about your sons shoplifting and/or playing badly).

    Whatever the reason LaVar chose to go at Trump now, only one thing is certain: Everyone needs to grab their popcorn for the president’s response.

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    What are your thoughts on this snapple fact and how do you think these funds can be better used if that s a possibility?

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    President Donald Trump hasn’t exactly had a cozy relationship with our nation’s intelligence network. With the FBI in “tatters,” as he recently tweeted, what is a beleaguered president to do? Why, start his own intelligence network, of course.

    The Intercept just published a deep dive that details Trump and CIA director Mike Pompeo’s efforts to build their own spy agency, which would be loyal to the president’s agenda.

    Who is alleged to be spearheading this idea? Blackwater founder Erik Prince and, wait for it, 1980s superstar paper shredder Oliver North. Yeah, the Contragate guy.

    A spy agency that reports directly to Donald Trump run by two of the most secretive men on the planet. What could possibly go wrong?

    Now, it must be noted, this information is based on one report and The Intercept goes out of their way to state that this is far from a done deal.

    The reasoning behind the possible creation of this backchannel spy agency? It’s enough to make one’s face permanently distort into something that could only be described as “existential nausea.” The agency would be cooked up to battle “deep state” enemies of the Trump administration.

    “Pompeo can’t trust the CIA bureaucracy, so we need to create this thing that reports just directly to him,” said a former senior U.S. intelligence official with knowledge of these proposals. “It is a direct-action arm, totally off the books.”

    “The whole point is this is supposed to report to the president and Pompeo directly.”

    Before we get too worked up, imagining life in an Alex Jones-inspired hellscape where we are forced to choke down overpriced horse pills at gunpoint, it must be reiterated that White House officials have denied this report.

    “I can find no evidence that this ever came to the attention of anyone at the NSC or [White House] at all,” wrote Michael N. Anton, a spokesperson for the National Security Council. “The White House does not and would not support such a proposal.”

    Other intelligence officials, however, have contradicted Anton, stating that there have been several meetings on the matter with high ranking White House personnel, including Vice President Mike Pence.

    So, yikes? Half-yikes? Half-yikes.


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    @atribecalledgabi bitin' the dust

    @CapitalB tryin' to recruit new work

    @Cain in 5 years

    @AP21 after his battle with diabetes

    Add on...

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    Master P has a message for Colin Kaepernick ... WHO NEEDS THE NFL ... telling TMZ Sports if the league won't let Kaep ball, he's down to help Colin start up his own shop, and take down the shield.

    P knows about sports startups, his Global Mixed Gender Basketball league is off to an incredible start, attracting big name talent like the Gonzalez Twins, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, and Metta World Peace.

    When we got him out in L.A. we had to ask P what he thought about Kaep's situation, and P had a very simple answer, if you can't join 'em, beat 'em.

    "I'll help him start his own league. I think he should, I mean he's a great football player. I think the NFL should have some competition."

    P's point is that the only way Colin can ensure his right to demonstrate any way he wants is to have some ownership, and that's exactly what he wants to do with his upstart league.

    Someone get "He Hate Me" on the phone.!news/

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    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People released a statement today denouncing Donald Trump’s visit to the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum on Saturday, justifying their attack by saying the president’s record on civil rights has “been abysmal.”

    The president and CEO of the NAACP Derrick Johnson released the following statement in response to the White House’s announcement that Trump will be attending the opening ceremonies:

    President Trump’s statements and policies regarding the protection and enforcement of civil rights have been abysmal and his attendance is an affront to the veterans of the civil rights movement. He has created a commission to reinforce voter suppression, refused to denounced white supremacists, and overall, has created a racially hostile climate in this nation.”

    The specific issues Johnson references include Trump’s widely criticized response to the Charlottesville, Virginia racist rally, in which he blamed violence on “many sides” — despite a white supremacist killing a woman.

    During today’s briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to these objections, saying, “I think that would be honestly very sad. I think this is this is something that should bring the country together to celebrate the opening of this museum and highlighting the civil rights movement and the progress that we’ve made.”

    Additionally, Dr. Amos Brown — an NAACP board member — hit Trump with even harsher terms than Johnson.

    “As a freedom fighter and contemporary of Emmett Till, Trump’s visit is an insult. He has never been a supporter of civil rights or equal opportunity or justice. He’s been silent on civil rights issues, and his silence speaks volumes,” said Brown.



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  • 10/13/17--20:46: Body bag thread

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    Whether they be insects, stray dogs, bears, deers, etc.

    Dangerous is in quotes because I don't expect these encounters to be necessarily dangerous, like this one.

    I was about 7 or 8, and I was walking back from the gas station with my bike because something was wrong with it.

    These two pit bulls came out of nowhere, and started running through the block, they probably just wanted to play, but I didn't know that at the time. They started getting near me, and a nearby adult took his belt off and started swinging at them, and I keep walking to the house because I didn't want to leave my bike behind, and plus they always told us not to run from dogs.

    So, I'm almost to the house, across the street and two houses down, and I hear some people yelling, so I look back and the pits are bout 6-7 houses down and closing fast, so I'm like "I think I can make it." I throw the bike down, and cut across the street running straight to my house, I make it to the porch and get ready to open the screen door to use as a barrier, but they ended up just running past the porch and behind the house. -_-

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    A female police captain has been suspended and placed on administrative leave for openly suggesting that a specific colleague of hers has trouble understanding the plight of transgender people because of his white male privilege.

    During a November 1 Police Supervisors Transgender Awareness Training at the Plainfield Police Department, a 28-year unnamed veteran of the force got into a disagreement with the workshop presenter. At the root of their exchange was a statistic suggesting that transgender people are 3.32 times more likely to become the victims of police violence than non-transgender people are. The contending officer argued that he struggles to comprehend such disproportionate police violence going on when (according to him) he nor anyone he knows of in the profession has been involved in a police brutality incident.

    Soon after he began challenging the statistic, the voice of captain Carri Weber could be heard telling him that his misunderstanding of trans people would be impeded by his "white male privilege." The inquiring officer immediately lost his composure over Weber's remark and others in the room could be heard griping as well. An instructor involved in the training would step forward to attempt to de-escalate the situation, but he too was confronted as well. "Chief, are you going to let her get away with that? Seriously?" he asked, before threatening to walk out.

    "I was racially and sexistly slurred by Captain Carri Weber while I was asking a question of the instructor in training," a complaint read about the incident. "I am now firmly aware of the discriminatory belief she just verbally communicated. ... There is no place in the Plainfield Police administration or supervision for someone who holds and espouses her discriminatory views."

    Carri is scheduled to return to the Commissioner's office for a hearing on her future with the department later this week.

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    ....... Continuing our information enriched pilgrimage to the Ganjaland..

    My Everclear Extraction Hash Recipe


    You'll Need:

    Everclear [a good substitute for this is 99% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.. but it won't taste as good for reasons i'm still unclear on..]
    2 Mason Jars w/ Lids
    1 Metal Mesh Coffee Filter [Cone Shaped]
    1 Spoon
    1 Pyrex Dish/Plate
    3 Or More Grams Of Stem/Seed Free Shake

    The THC molecule consists of over 300 smaller building blocks that fall into a number of groups.. The most interesting of these are cannabinoids & what are known as CBD's. The cannabinoids possess psychoactive properties while the CBD's possess the therapeutically beneficial aspects. & Somewhere in the mists of these divine gifts lurk shadowy agents that act as inhibitors to keep you from experiencing the total effects of that particular strain. The following process is one of a handful of ways to extract & isolate the psychoactive effects from the restraints of inhibition.. In layman's terms, if you take your time & do this right, it's gonna fuck your silly ass up..

    Step 1: 1st, clean every stem, seed & superfluous particle of debris from the shake you plan on using.. Remember that [much like life] you get out of it what you put in.. Next... Freeze your everclear, weed shake & mason jars for 4 hours before you begin because cold is the key to separating the tricombs [thc resin glands] from the plant matter. When you're ready to begin, take your everclear, weed shake, & 1 mason jar out of the freezer & set a timer for 4 minutes & 45 seconds.. Pour the shake into your mason jar, add just enough everclear to cover top of the shake, & then screw the lid back on tightly. Press start on your count down timer & begin to swirl the mixture in a washing machine style, as opposed to shaking the jar randomly, until the time is up.

    Step 2: Grab the 2nd mason jar from the freezer, open it, & set the coffee filter within the mouth of the jar. Then, with one hand holding the filter in place & the other gripping the jar containing the weed/everclear mixture, carefully pour the contents slowly so that all land within the mesh filter. Sitting the 1st jar to the side & grabbing your spoon, you want to quickly strain the excess liquid from the soggy shake. If you watch closely, you'll notice a greenish color in the last of the liquid that you've strained. That is gonna be the chlorophyll which has been dissolved by the water in the alcohol.. This reaction takes place after 5 minutes of plant matter/alcohol contact. We want as little chlorophyll in our hash as possible so stop straining immediately when you detect it. Close your 2nd mason jar's lid tightly & place it back into the freezer for 20 minutes.


    Step 3: Take the 2nd jar from the freezer & swirl it's contents around to loosen the tricomb mud from the bottom of the jar & pour it into the pyrex dish. Let it dry in a lint/dust free area until all liquid is gone & the dish's remaining contents have air dried for 2 hours.. When this method has been mastered, your hash should come out perfectly golden.


    Step 4: Heat enough water to fill the bottom of a shallow pan a few centimeters & then sit the dish containing the hash in the water. After about 30 seconds, the hash should easily scrape up with a razor blade & can be smoked in a joint or pressed into a solid piece to be later sliced off in chunks for smoking through bongs or pipes..

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    One of the most annoying things is some lame ass uncle tom coonin for craccas on some "Just because I sound educated doesn't mean I sound white" bitch gtfo no ho the reason you sound white is because you try your best to talk like Kim Kardashian, but at home you talkin like Yvette and New New when you dont get your way. Niggas need to realize that talkin proper is not the same thing as talking white. MLK, Malcom X, Will Smith, all well spoken blacc people but no one says that they talk white, and thats because they use their natural speaking voice. Talkin white is when you go out of your way to change the pitch of tone in your voice to match that of a white person. Naturally, blacc people have deeper voices, so its obvious to any real nigga when you're trying to change your voice up to make white people happy. Knocc it off

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